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Thunder Ray pays homage to Punch-Out

Thunder Ray video game logo for Nintendo Switch

Buenos Aires-based indie developer Purple Tree Studio is set to release a nostalgic boxing game this year, and fans of Nintendo’s Punch-Out series are in for a treat. The game, titled ‘Thunder Ray’, takes inspiration from the classic boxing franchise and infuses it with its own intergalactic twist. Purple Tree Studio, known for their retro-inspired titles like ‘Golazo’, has crafted ‘Thunder Ray’ as a tribute to the rhythmic gameplay of Punch-Out. Just like in the Nintendo series, players step into the shoes of a formidable boxer—in this case, the titular Thunder Ray—and engage in cartoonish, challenging matches against quirky opponents. In ‘Thunder Ray’, players are transported to an interstellar setting where the protagonist, who is the most powerful boxer on Earth, is abducted by the Galactic Boxing Federation to participate in their otherworldly tournament. Thunder Ray accepts the challenge to prove their prowess and become the ultimate champion. The gameplay trailer showcases familiar mechanics of throwing jabs, hooks, and uppercuts, while evading an array of unique attacks from the intergalactic foes.

The game distinguishes itself from Punch-Out with its sci-fi twist, pitting players against an assortment of extraterrestrial opponents. These imaginative creatures employ diverse fighting styles, some even utilizing unconventional body parts as weapons. Quick reflexes are essential as players dodge and counter these unorthodox assaults. Much like Punch-Out’s Little Mac, Thunder Ray’s protagonist can execute powerful special moves once their super meter is charged. These moves include rapid-fire punches and devastating uppercuts, adding an extra layer of strategy to the matches. Check out the trailer for Thunder Ray down below.


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  1. Considering Nintendo seems to have no interest in continuing Punch-Out anytime soon (like with other certain IPs of theirs) I welcome this wacky take on both PO and the boxing genre. Really liking the art style.

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