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Nintendo announces Super Mario Bros Movie release date pushed forward

Art for Super Mario Bros Movie from Nintendo

Nintendo and Illumination has confirmed this afternoon that The Super Mario Bros. Movie is having its release date pushed forward by a few days in the United States and 60 other markets around the world, which will please fans. The Super Mario Bros. Movie will now be released in the a number of markets on Wednesday, 5th April. The joint project between Nintendo and Illumination was originally planed to be released in theatres on Friday 7th April. The final movie trailer will debut in a special Mario Movie Nintendo Direct on 9th March at 2pm PT / 10pm UK time.

11 thoughts on “Nintendo announces Super Mario Bros Movie release date pushed forward”

  1. So that their opening weekend can have more days and they can say their opening weekend box office was a huge as possible?

  2. Ah the holidays right. People can decorate their Easter eggs like Yoshi’s eggs. Has Yoshi been seen in any of the previews?

    1. It’s actually a good thing. Nintendo’s presence on that day makes level 5 visible 😎.


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