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Rumour: Persona 6 internally delayed

The long-awaited next entry in the acclaimed Persona series, Persona 6, has apparently been delayed internally. That is according to an individual who leaked information about a Persona 3 remake. The information was shared on Reset Era when someone asked if the next Persona game would arrive this year, to which the person said that there’s zero chance of it happening. As always this is just a rumour and nothing has been mentioned over at Atlus or SEGA regarding a Persona 3 remake or details about Persona 6.

“Absolute zero chance 6 releases this year. It was delayed internally just yesterday and there is a rough timeframe but can’t share, sorry.”

“Could be to release remake first or the other game but I’m not privy to that info. If the teaser is at Sony’s next show, I’ll know beforehand and confirm.”


4 thoughts on “Rumour: Persona 6 internally delayed”

  1. Given how many times Persona 5 was delayed, this doesn’t surprise me in the slightest.

    Honestly though I doubt it would’ve been released this year regardless. We’ve literally seen nothing about it, not even a teaser image like P5 had.

  2. Im not really surprised considering ever sense the pandemic started alot more games seen to get delayed. I.e I had FInal Fantasy 15 pre-ordered as digital, once it got delayed anyone who had it pre-ordered as digital automatically got refunded and once they set a new release date you could just pre-order again. The same thing happened with Sword Art Lycoris.

  3. They are trying to save face by saying it’s delayed and by doing so they won’t look the fool when it doesn’t come out and make excuse why their “leak” didn’t happen.

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