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Rumour: Persona 3 Remake is apparently in development at Atlus

Persona 3 Portable remaster on Nintendo Switch art

It would seem as though powerhouse Atlus is currently beavering away at a remake of Persona 3. The news comes from several insiders. Atlus has already released Persona 3 remakes, Persona 3 FES and Persona 3 Portable, which as Game Rant says, “helped built a larger western audience” and the company has already said it has big plans for this year which include the ports of Persona 3 Portable and Persona 4 Golden, which are being remastered and will release on Thursday, 19th January, along with several “unreleased new titles.” The news of the Persona 3 remake comes from the same person who leaked the existence of all three Persona games coming to Xbox Game Pass. The remake will apparently feature “Persona 5-like graphics and quality-of-life improvements.” It is not known if the Persona 3 remake is scheduled for this year.


10 thoughts on “Rumour: Persona 3 Remake is apparently in development at Atlus”

  1. Cutting out FeMC would be the worst possible idea if you were going about remaking a game like this whose best content is already split across two completely different versions of the game. A remake should be the opportunity to collect as much content and QoL additions across both FES and Portable while improving the graphics, presentation and gameplay to reflect P3’s successors. By removing FeMC you remove a lot of potential replay value from the game because that was literally the selling point of Portable for both newcomers and veterans in the first place, as it had social links with the male party members, new music, and even its own exclusive dialogue and activities the male route couldn’t access.

    1. It is incorrect to say persona 3 already has 2 remakes.

      Remake, remaster, and port all have very different meanings in the context of video games.

    1. Because 1 and 2 aren’t nearly as popular as 3, which basically made the series into what it is today.
      It also doesn’t have a definitive version, as both FES and Portable both have their own pros and cons and reasons to choose one version over the other.

      A P3 remake makes perfect sense. Whether they’ll actually remake it properly however? Only time will tell.

  2. This is a hard reach considering they’re literally porting portable over, you honestly think Atlus would risk doing that? I know they have some of the assets but making a port and then releasing/announcing a remake of the game within the same 18 months is a bad PR move. People already are salty about the cost of these ports imagine telling them you could’ve waited longer for a remake instead.

  3. Question: why make a remake when they are porting the 3rd game to other platforms?

    Agitation: these people just want to spew things outta their buttholes to see if they are right and when they are eventually right they want the credit.

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