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Square Enix CEO teases big announcement unrelated to Final Fantasy VII later this year

artwork for 2023 Final Fantasy games

Square Enix has written a special New Year’s message to Final Fantasy fans as the studio has some big games in the works including the new mainline Final Fantasy game, Final Fantasy XVI for Playstation 5 & PC and Final Fantasy VII: Rebirth, again for PlayStation 5. But that’s not all, as producer Yoshinori Kitase said in message that there’s also a “big announcement” which is “unrelated to FFVII” that will arrive later this year, though he can not reveal anymore. It’s not clear what it the Final Fantasy-themed project will be, but it will be something for RPG fans to look forward to.

“There’s also another big announcement unrelated to FFVII that I can’t say anything about just yet.
Rest assured we’re working hard to make sure 2023 is the most exciting year yet.”

FINAL FANTASY VII REBIRTH Producer, Yoshinori Kitase


10 thoughts on “Square Enix CEO teases big announcement unrelated to Final Fantasy VII later this year”

  1. Maybe they have an expansion planned for Star Ocean The Divine Force that adds additional story, characters, weapons and/or enemy mobs. They never had any additional content for Star Ocean 5 so i doubt it , they had the most pathetic excuse for not having any additional content for Star Ocean 5 “dlc doesn’t sell good outside of a Japanese marketplace” as appose to every other game with additional content that sells perfectly fine outside of Japan.

  2. Considering the Nvidia leak revealed so many (at the time unannounced) titles, the one game Square Enix hasn’t announced from that list was Final Fantasy IX Remake (and a FFIX animation series), which would be amazing, especially if it comes to the next gen Switch!

  3. I don’t have to question if there is going to be a Bravely Default III. They already plan on releasing Octopath Traveler 2 in just at 5 years while making FF XVI for PS5 at the same time. Yet Retro Studios can only make one game at a time. And Tropical Freeze is 2D while Prime 4 is 3D. After Tropical Freeze was finished 11 years ago on Wii U, why didnt they work on either Prime 4 or next DK immediately after that? They didnt do s**t until 2018 when they announced Prime 4 was currently in the works. So what they do from 2012 to 2018? Nothing….That was enough time to work on DK ,Metroid or Star Fox and have that game released on the NX now known as Switch at the beginning when the hybrid console went on sell. And why did Retro take a 6 year break from after Tropical Freeze was released on Wii U from when they began on Prime 4? Why?

  4. please stop believing in leaks and rumors, its fine to speculate but stop believing in them, nothing good will come of it when they dont come true

    dont get your hopes up, its probably gonna be NFT related.

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