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New Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Reunion trailer and previews

Square Enix still has one big title to see out 2022 which has been jam packed with games from the prominent Japanese developer and publisher. That big game is a remake of the PlayStation Portable game Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Reunion and it is coming to Nintendo Switch and other platforms on Tuesday 13th December. To celebrate the release date drawing ever closer, Square Enix has unleash an impressive new trailer for Final Fantasy VII Reunion and to coincide with the game’s trailer being released, a number of previews have now surfaced online. We have included some of these along with excerpts which you can read down below.


“After having played both Final Fantasy VII Remake and exclusives like Demon’s Souls, the visuals of Crisis Core Reunion do leave a little bit to be desired as well. It looks like a game that’s coming out on current and last gen hardware, as is the case. I can only speculate, but if the PS5 version doesn’t look all that great, what the Switch gets may leave folks wanting as well. We’ll have more to say about performance specifically when we get our hands on the Switch version.”

Nintendo World Report

“However, one thing about Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Reunion in its early hours that sticks out above everything else is how little it actually changed, and how much better it is for it. Outside of those major graphic upgrades to character models, the scenery, and visual effects, this updated version of Crisis Core just slaps on a better looking skin to an already great game. Even within the first three chapters, I immediately recognized why this remaster genuinely just feels good to play — and it’s because the original game had all of the bells and whistles to make it something really special.”

“Overall, Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Reunion feels like it will be something fun to revisit because it has aged so spectacularly well. This is largely in part because of how well polished the original release of the game is. It’s something to definitely look forward to, especially with the gaps it can fill out for newcomers to the Final Fantasy extended universe. If Square Enix chooses to stick with what made Crisis Core such a fantastic title to begin with, it’s sure to stick the landing and pull another generation of players back into Midgar.”


“My first five hours or so with Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII – Reunion have been a blast, and I can’t wait to dive deeper into the game to see how Zack’s emotional story feels with all the improvements. If the game’s quality stays the same for the rest of the adventure, I feel like Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII – Reunion will be one of Square Enix’s finest remasters of the past few years.”



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  1. I can only assume The Switch and PlayStation version both will be fine in terms of performance and graphic quality because of “How well polished the game originally was” AND quote “i immediately recognized why this remaster genuinely just feels good to play”

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