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Splatoon 3 Big Run event taking place weekend of 10th December

The time has nearly come for Splatoon fans to try out the first Big Run event in the mighty Splatoon 3. The event had been teased, but now we finally have a date for the horde mode as it kicks off on the weekend starting Saturday 10th December and finishes late Sunday evening. The Splatoon 3 Big Run event will also throw out some decent awards if you prove to be on top of your game. Splatoon 3 Chill Season 2022 kicks off this Thursday, 1st December.

1 thought on “Splatoon 3 Big Run event taking place weekend of 10th December”

  1. Wait so it’s literally like the same thing as splatfest, but why this isn’t debating/ picking a team they couldn’t set it up as a monthly event, their kinda making salmon run stale in 3 they gave us 1 new stage and left us with 2 old stages, and almost all the rotations are about the same except the mystery ones, salmon run needs a lot more content to stay fresh and some new modes plz.

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