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Microsoft teases “GoldenEye type” reveals planned over the coming months

Late last year, thanks to Nintendo, Rare and Microsoft, it was officially announced that GoldenEye 007 was coming to Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack. It is now available on Nintendo’s online service, but Nintendo fans were not alone in celebrating the game’s release. There was also a remastered version of the game that has been released on Xbox Game Pass.

The announcement was huge, and it seems that Microsoft isn’t done with them just yet. You see, Xbox head Phil Spencer recently spoke to Video Games Chronicle. The latter asked Spencer if there were any reveals planned before Microsoft’s gaming showcase this summer. Spencer said that “a lot of our focus right now is on the showcase in June, but there’s some news that’s coming out. Like, you know, like we did the GoldenEye [announcement], I’m thinking like, you know, GoldenEye type announces”.

What this means for Nintendo fans is up for speculation, but it’s not out of the question that there could be more retro Rare titles re-released on Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack in the future. It has already happened twice with Banjo-Kazooie and GoldenEye. If this does actually happen, we’ll let you know.


4 thoughts on “Microsoft teases “GoldenEye type” reveals planned over the coming months”

  1. Brilliant! 🤩🧀🌟🍰 please, and thank you! Would love Diddy Kong Racing, Banjo Tooie, Perfect Dark! Blast Corps, Jet Force Jemini, Donkey Kong 64 while not a license issue is still missing, please help me out with these Rare classics! 😁💖🍰🌟🧀💖

    1. Perfect dark is already on it but I can see donkey Kong 64 coming next along with the news of a new 3rd person donkey Kong game.

  2. Have they any plans of releasing GoldenEye on PSN? Im happy they finally ported Legend of Dragoon with trophy support. Unfortunately it’s currently not in a playable state with graphical issues and crashing.

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