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Nintendo announces Super Mario Bros Movie Direct on 9th March

Mario Movie Nintendo Direct for March 2023

Nintendo of America has confirmed this afternoon that there will be another Super Mario Bros. Movie-themed Nintendo Direct. The Direct will feature the final trailer for The Super Mario Bros. Movie ahead of its release in April. Nintendo of America has made it clear in the tweet that the Direct won’t feature any game news. You can watch the Super Mario Bros. Movie Nintendo Direct on 9th March at 2pm PT / 10pm UK time.

16 thoughts on “Nintendo announces Super Mario Bros Movie Direct on 9th March”

    1. Smash ultimate had a direct for every single dlc character and they had 2 other directs before the game even launch not to mention it took up majority of e3 around it’s launch year

      1. Lol it’s definitely noticeable for Splatoon fans as well I much prefer when they separate it from the direct anyway, but it’s not like certain announcements are cherry pick, it’s been stated that direct games/dlc/updates are released when the devs feel like it’s at the point of being shown off, also these things usually have predetermined release windows.

  1. I bet 666 internet cookies that people will still be peepee hurt that there ain’t no game news in this movie only direct and will say Nintendo has lost the plot.

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