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Moon Studios says next game is a “make-or-break” moment for the studio

Ori and the Will of the Wisps characters

The time is nearing for Moon Studios to reveal what they have been working on since they released excellent 2D platformer, Ori and the Will of the Wisps. We know that the next game they are working on will be an action-RPG and today the studio revealed more titbits about the project. The game will be from a top-down perspective to go head to head against the acclaimed Diablo series. However, what is now clear is that the game needs to be well received for the studio, or else it is back to the drawing board. Here’s what the Thomas Mahler, the creative head at the studio, had to say on Twitter about the upcoming new project.

14 thoughts on “Moon Studios says next game is a “make-or-break” moment for the studio”

  1. That’s so weird that the studio that released two critically-acclaimed Ori games is just one bad game away from failing as a studio.

    1. They’re probably investing everything. Sort of how CDPR did it with the Witcher games. I hope someone picks up this game and helps them out like how MS did with ORI.

      1. That’s what they are referring to it would seem. It’s “their Zelda” in the sense that this is meant to be their flagship adventure title

  2. Well if it’s the same talented team and they put the same amount of effort into the game as the ori games then it’ll be a make, not a break. I can’t wait to see what they’ve got lined up

  3. Remember Ready at Dawn had was done after The Order 1886 (I loved the game, even with its flaws). The game flopped, and they haven’t been making games for under the PlayStation brand since. Amma sadge

        1. So a game I can beat in a day. Goody. I should really finish Death Stranding first, though. Been on this game since release in 2019 & STILL not finished with it. I should really stop letting other shit distract me from it. If it’s not other games, it’s movies, YouTubers, Instagram, Tiktok, wrestling shows, but the worst of all distractions: my own damn head.

          1. Yeah, it’s always something showing up and getting in the way.
            I know this was a long time ago, but you were living in a trailer after a fire, right? How is life treating you?

            1. Not good. I thought things were going good til April 2020 when I found out my wife was unhappy in our marriage. So separated in May 2020 & divorced in October that same year. Been dealing with depression (sadly resorted to cutting a few times in 2020) ever since. Got into weed & started actually drinking. Socially most of the time, though. And well my ex is getting married next month to her boyfriend she’s only known a year. All I can do is hope he’s a good one. I mean, it could work out. I heard Ricardo Montalban married his wife a couple days after meeting her, so it happens. I wish I was fully over her before she got married again, so I could be at the wedding. shrug Oh & I lost my disability the same month she told me she was getting married. Gonna need a backup plan if I can’t get that back. My cousin hopes this will be my year, though. Maybe it could be. Maybe all this crap might finally motivate me & I close out the year on a great note. (A friend’s sister also died this month. And some other friends had their home bought from under them.)

              (Maybe I really should blog! Lol)

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