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Moon Studios talks about the lengths that they went to with Ori and the Will of the Wisps Switch port

Xbox One exclusive Ori and the Will of the Wisps recently came to the Nintendo Switch and according to Digital Foundry the team at Moon Studios have done a fantastic job. In a recent interview, Moon Studios co-founder Gennadiy Korol explained the natural difficulty that the team encountered porting the visually impressive 2D platformer over to the graphically less proficient system. Mr. Korol says that the intense porting of the game took around 3.5 months to complete. Initially the game was struggling to run at 24fps even with compromised visuals. Thankfully the team overcame this and the end result is a resolution of around 720p -900p and a smooth 60fps.

“I think all in all the Switch port itself took around 3.5 months to complete and it was quite an intense effort on our teams part! The heavy duty optimization work that we had put in earlier for the Xbox platform patches definitely helped to get a head start on the Switch port. That being said, when we started we were only hitting 24fps even with heavily compromised visuals which was quite a far-cry away from our goal!

As usual, game development is tough and being able to make a game like Will of the Wisps really shine on the Switch required taking quite a few risks and making heavy changes in order to be able to achieve the visual quality we felt Ori deserved on that platform. Luckily those risks really paid off and things really came together towards the end!”


4 thoughts on “Moon Studios talks about the lengths that they went to with Ori and the Will of the Wisps Switch port”

  1. Thank God they did, because it(and the first game) was awesome. I did have moments where the screen wouldn’t scroll, or wouldn’t do it fast enough(usually when running/moving very fast), or times where the screen would pause for a second or two, and towards the end of the game, I would start having some glitch effects, and the game would just shut down.
    Wasn’t a huge deal for me, especially because it was a rare occurrence, and due to checkpoints being everywhere, I never really lost any progress.

    1. Yeah the game had some intrusive bugs, even back on PC at launch. But it was still solid enough. Idk if the Switch version is still like that, but I’m gonna pick it up soon. It took them about a month to fix the pc version.

  2. After Ori 1 was among the very few games I really 100%ed with joy, I keep this for a rainy day. If you just know a game is gonna be great and know what to expect from it, it can be so nice to just know its gonna be there one day when you feel ready.

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