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Latest EDGE magazine review scores

Screenshot from EA's Dead Space remake

The latest edition of EDGE magazine has started rolling out to subscribers and Issue 382 has a number of high profile reviews. The long-running UK video game magazine is notorious for its harsh scores and there is always plenty of debate online regarding the scoring of certain games. Issue 382 contains a number of high profile reviews which include Like a Dragon Ishin, the Dead Space remake, Forspoken, Hi-Fi Rush, and more. Without further ado here is all the scores from the latest edition of EDGE magazine:

  • Like a Dragon Ishin – 7
  • Hi-Fi Rush – 7
  • Forspoken – 6
  • Wanted: Dead – 4
  • Deliver us Mars – 7
  • Dead Space – 8
  • The Pale Beyound – 8
  • Valiant Hearts: Coming Home – 7
  • A Space for the Unbound – 8
  • Akka Arrh – 8
  • Birth – 8


2 thoughts on “Latest EDGE magazine review scores”

  1. Only completed the 1st 2 chapters for “Like A Dragon Ishin” this far, i really wish they had stuck with the same formula as Yakuza Like A Dragon with turn based combat and having a party. I know alot of the fanbase wasn’t impressed with the game play mechanics for Yakuza Like A Dragon and wanted the original hank-n-slash combat system. Personally i wish they remade the Yakuza games and they all have turn based combat and a party.

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