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Sega Says Information On New Sonic Game “Was Incorrect”

Sega’s new Sonic game – which was apparently in development for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Wii U – has been verified as incorrect. The game was unofficially revealed by toy maker Jazwares at the Nuremberg toy fair last week, detailing a 2015 date for the gaming platforms, but Sega has quashed such rumours by issuing an official statement, saying it is “yet to announce details” of upcoming games, though a third unannounced Sonic title was previously revealed as part of Nintendo’s exclusive deal with Sega.

“Sega is yet to announce details of upcoming console video games for Sonic the Hedgehog or further details regarding the new Sonic CG TV series. The recent information coming out of Nuremburg Toy Fair was incorrect.

“For official and up to date news regarding Sonic the Hedgehog please go to http://www.sonicthehedgehog.com or follow Sonic on Twitter (@sonic_hedgehog).”


New Sonic Game Coming For Xbox One, PlayStation 4, And Wii U


Toy maker Jazwares revealed at the Nuremberg toy fair that Sega is busy developing a brand new Sonic game for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Wii U for 2015. Sega still has a Sonic game in production for Nintendo platforms, so it’s unknown at this point whether the exclusivity still holds. Either way, the new Sonic game will be coming to the three platforms sometime during 2015.

UK Charts: Sonic Lost World Wii U Enters At Fifteen, Zelda Wind Waker Slips To Eighteen


This week’s UK sales charts are now in courtesy of GFK Chart Track. Nintendo exclusive Sonic Lost World for Wii U and Nintendo 3DS has entered the individual formats chart at number fifteen and number twenty-eight respectively. The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker HD has slipped from number twelve to number eighteen. Pokemon X & Y have dropped from number one and number two positions to number five and six. The highest new entry this week is Skylanders Swap Force for the original Wii which entered at number seven.

  1. (03) 360 GRAND THEFT AUTO V (TAKE 2)
  2. (04) 360 FIFA 14 (ELECTRONIC ARTS)

Sega Says Sonic Lost World Is Not Delayed Until November 29th

sonic lost world

Sega’s Associate Brand Manager for Sonic the Hedgehog has confirmed that Sonic Lost World for Wii U and Nintendo 3DS hasn’t been delayed. The game was previously thought to be delayed in the United States from October 29th to November 29th. Thankfully Sega confirmed that this was simply an error on the official Sonic the Hedgehog website.

It’s not delayed – we’ll have it fixed shortly.

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New Sonic Game Apparently In Development Xbox One, PS4 and Wii U: Sonic Thunderstorm Or Sonic Blue Thunder


VG Leaks is reporting that Sega is preparing a brand new Sonic title for the Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and the Wii U. According to their source the game will be called Sonic Thunderstorm or Sonic Blue Thunder and should be announced in May 1st of 2014. This information should be treated one hundred percent as a rumour at present. Here’s the details.


  • A new hedgehog character will be named Static the Hedgehog.
  • A new hedgehog will be a teenage clone of Sonic.
  • Knuckles, Rouge and Eggman will have teenage clones, like Sonic. Knuckles’ teenage clone will be male and be named Slash the Echidna.
  • Rouge’s teenage clone will be female and be named Debra the Bat.
  • Dr Eggman’s teenage clone will be male and be named Eggman.Jr.
  • Sonic, Knuckles and Rouge’s teenage clones will have robot partners.
  • Sonic, Shadow, Silver, Static will be playable.
  • Tails, Knuckles, Rogue, Omega, Blaze, Amy, Slash and Debra will also be playable.
  • Dr.Eggman, Eggman Jr, Cream, Team Chaotix and Marine will be non-playable.
  • Static, Slash and Debra will be inspired by Super Sentai.
  • Characters will return, including Tails, Knuckles, Amy, Big, Shadow, Rouge, E-123 Omega, Cream, Team Chaotix, Blaze, Silver and Marine


  • This game will feature 29 levels, objects, a return of old small animals and Chaos Drives with new animals, also the return of Chao Garden.
  • This gameplay will change characters like in Sonic Heroes.
  • Hedgehog Engine will return to work on this game like it worked on Sonic Unleashed and Sonic Generations.
  • This game will be similar to Sonic Unleashed, Sonic Colors, Sonic Generations and Sonic Lost World.
  • Color Powers will not return in this game, except Orbot and Cubot with a new female counterpart.
  • Static’s robot partner will be a wolf-type with a motorcycle form.
  • Slash’s robot partner will be a bear-type with a selfish mood.
  • Debra’s robot partner will be a kitten-type with smarts.
  • Static the Hedgehog’s element will be Lightning.
  • Slash the Echidna’s element will be Earth.
  • Debra the Bat’s element will be Love.
  • Eggman Jr will be the main antagonist while Dr. Eggman will be a secondary antagonist.
  • Chaos Emeralds will return.
  • A new Chao Garden will have past gardens and new gardens.
  • Black Market will return, also past fruits and masks and colorful Chao eggs from SA2B and SADX.
  • Static, Slash and Debra’s levels will be inspired by Sonic the Werehog’s levels, also they will have gadgets.
  • This game will be inspired by Sonic Adventure, Sonic Adventure 2 and Sonic 2006.
  • This game will set to release next year.
  • This game will follow 4 story modes.
  • Wi-fi will transfer Chao data.
  • Tiny Chao Garden will be DLC and will be on PSVITA And 3DS.

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New Sonic CG Cartoon Series Announced


Sega has confirmed today that Sonic is returning to television in his first-ever CG animated series which is coming in Autumn 2014. The animated series will debut first on Cartoon Network in the U.S. and on CANAL J and GULLI in France, with a global rollout to follow. The 52 eleven-minute episodes is co-produced by SEGA of America and Genao Productions. Creation of the series is being overseen by Sonic Team’s Takashi Iizuka.

“Sonic Boom is a character-driven comedy that leaves a trail of robot wreckage in its smoldering wake. The series centers on Sonic, his best friend and sidekick, Tails, their never-ending search for adventure, and their battles with Sonic’s arch-nemesis, Dr. Eggman. Rounding out the ensemble are fan favorites Knuckles and Amy Rose, plus a rogue’s gallery of enemies—some familiar to Sonic fans and some brand-new.”


Sega Says Sonic Audience Is Clearly On Nintendo Platforms, Not Xbox Or PlayStation


Sonic brand manager Aaron Webber believes that the audience for Sonic related titles is on Nintendo platforms, rather than Xbox or PlayStation.  Webber says that Sonic titles such as Sonic Colours and Secret Rings have historically performed well on Nintendo systems. Webber concluded by saying that when the company has looked at the overall sales figures for Sonic games they realised that Nintendo platforms is where their audience is.

“If we trace Sonic’s third-party roots all the way back to just after the Dreamcast, we released Sonic Adventure 2: Battle on the GameCube and it did phenomenally well. We think that’s because there was a lot of overlap between the Sonic/Sega and Nintendo crowd at that time, and we just found historically that Sonic performs really, really well on Nintendo platforms. Sonic Colors did great, Sonic and the Black Knight did well and Sonic and Secret Rings did well — all Nintendo. When we look at the numbers, we thought — this is clearly where our audience is.”

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Mario & Sonic At The Sochi 2014 Winter Games Coming November 8th On Wii U eShop


Nintendo has revealed via the Wii U eShop that Mario & Sonic At The Sochi 2014 Winter Games will be available to purchase on the eShop on November 8th. The game will have 16 events and utilises both the Wii Motion Plus controller and the Wii U GamePad. Some of the events will use both controllers, such as the Biathlon, which uses the Wii Remote for skiing and the Wii U GamePad for sniping targets.

Update: Nintendo of America says the notification was a mistake and that they will confirm a release date for the game in the future.