Wired Says New Nintendo 3DS “Underwhelms” At Tokyo Game Show

Wired magazine was one of a number of publications that got some quality time with the new Nintendo 3DS at this year’s Tokyo Game Show. The publication says that the device is very similar to the one you possibly already own and that the recently introduced C-Stick feels “out of place in relation to where it sits next to the buttons.” You can read their detailed impressions, right here.

“The—stick? nub?—feels out of place, in relation to where it sits next to the buttons. The PlayStation 4 controller, the Xbox controller, even the PlayStation Vita all feel comfortable in my hands whether my thumb is resting on the right stick or the buttons. But with New 3DS, the nub isjust a bit too far out of the way to reach comfortably. (I tried the XL size of the new handheld, so the smaller size might end up feeling more comfortable.)”

“Yes, the right stick is a better camera controller than the virtual controls on the 3DS touch screen. But Monster Hunter, by design, already lets you “lock on” to targets and quickly center the camera on your prey. The extra shoulder buttons didn’t have any functions assigned to them. The improved 3-D was nice, but I’m not sure it’s nice enough to get me to switch back from playing all 3DS games in the 2-D mode.”

“Nintendo has announced that it will create software that will only function on the New 3DS, the first one being a port of the acclaimed Wii role-playing game Xenoblade Chronicles. But at launch, if Monster Hunter is the big draw, then I’m not sold. If I were in the market for a 3DS, I’d go for the latest model. But as an early adopter who has already bought three different iterations of the 3DS hardware since it launched in 2011, New 3DS isn’t that attractive to me yet.”

Check Out The Great Ace Attorney’s First Trailer Shown During TGS

Capcom has unleashed the first trailer for the latest Ace Attorney title shown during the Tokyo Game Show. Featuring Sherlock Holmes and kid-partner Iris Watson as previously reported, The Great Ace Attorney: The Adventures of Ryunosuke Naruhodou trailer details a few of the main characters, some classic Ace Attorney gameplay elements, as well as a neat cutscene at the end. The Meiji era spin-off title will release for Japan in Spring, 2015. A Western release is currently unknown.

Here’s Some Sonic Boom Wii U Footage From Tokyo Game Show

Last week’s Tokyo Game Show gave us a look at plenty of games that are currently in development and one of those games is Sonic Boom for the Wii U. The demo shows off a new stage for Knuckles and Amy in Sonic Boom and also gives us a first look at some of the 2D gameplay featured in Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric.

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Here’s The Final Fantasy Explorers Trailer From The Tokyo Game Show

As most of you are aware this week saw the Tokyo Game Show take place. There’s been a number of trailers for high-profile games including Final Fantasy Explorers which is exclusive to the Nintendo 3DS. The graphics engine for the game seems to be based on the well-received Bravely Default and a playable demo will be available for Japanese consumers before the game launches, December 18th.

Engadget Wasn’t Completely Won Over By The New Nintendo 3DS

Technology publication Engadget went hands-on with the new Nintendo 3DS at this week’s Tokyo Game Show. However, the site went away relatively unimpressed. Engadget Senior Editor Mat Smith says that there really wasn’t a noticeable difference between the new console and the current Nintendo 3DS XL with regards to handling. Smith also took the opportunity to say that there’s no current games that make the most use of the new C-Stick. But he did acknowledge this could change in the future.

“If we’re honest, there really wasn’t much difference from my now-obsolete 3DS XL at home on initial handling,” Smith wrote. “There are no games that appropriately make the most of the analog stick (at least, not yet). Here at TGS 2014, with Monster Hunter 4G, the right stick was assigned to camera duties, a role it shared with the d-pad and, er, about a third of the touchscreen too.”

IGN Gives Us A Closer Look At The New Nintendo 3DS (Video)

IGN has had some hands-on time at this week’s Tokyo Game Show with the new Nintendo 3DS and has captured some lovely footage showcasing Nintendo’s latest handheld. You’ll also notice that the new Nintendo 3DS shown also has some of the new faceplates that will become available once the system launches next month in Japan. The system is coming to the west some early next year.


IGN Says Bravely Second Is One Of The Best-Looking Nintendo 3DS Games

Online gaming publication IGN had the opportunity to play Bravely Second at this week’s Tokyo Game Show and came away with glowing impressions. The site says that Bravely Second is one of the best-looking video games currently on the Nintendo 3DS. It’s not just the sumptuous visuals that the publication was impressed with, but it’s also the level of detail and the art direction. Here’s what Brian Altano had to say.

“Bravely Second might be the Nintendo 3DS’ most beautiful game. With the 3D slider up, the town environments pop like beautiful little pop-up books or papercraft sculptures adorned with meticulous dashes of watercolor paint. It made me want to explore every little nook and alleyway of the ornate little village that our demo began in.”

“When it was time to head out to the world at large to battle, a lush forest with winding paths, mossy stumps, fallen trees and hidden treasures awaited us. It was both dreary and whimsical and harkened back to the scene in The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past where our hero first finds his master sword.”

“The art direction at play here is absolutely wonderful, and once the random field battles start popping up, that sentiment is echoed in the character and enemy design as well. We’ve only experienced a tiny sliver of what the main game will offer so far, but everything we’ve seen is gorgeous.”