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Known leaker teasing new Castlevania at Xbox Tokyo Game Show event


Billbil-kun who seems to have some deep connections within the game industry has teased that Castlevania fans will want to tune into the Xbox event at this week’s Tokyo Game Show. Xbox’s showcase is on Thursday, 21st September at 2 am PDT/ 10am UK time.It’s been a long time since we’ve had a new Castlevania game and VGC had previously reported that the game was meant to be shown off at E3, which obviously didn’t end up taking place in June. We won’t know for sure until the event airs on 21st September.

10 thoughts on “Known leaker teasing new Castlevania at Xbox Tokyo Game Show event”

  1. Please don’t let it be an xbox exclusive, that would be not good, but I would’ve thought a brand new 2d entry would be the way to go and the switch cannot be ignored for switch sales would be the biggest money maker

    1. The last few Castlevania’s are very dated. The Dark Souls series are a perfect fit if they wan’t to modernize. Those games also have the same difficulty as gaming back in the day’s.

      1. No thanks. Castlevania is its own game. Going into the 3D era would be more like lords of shadows. No rougelike crap. As for a system to be able to revisit other em areas etc that is already done as well with Lament of Innocence.

      2. Please keep your post-2010 From Software garbage away from Castlevania. Being a God of War wannabe was one thing, being a cookie cutter Soulsvania is definitely another.

        I just want to play the Demon Castle War game IGA never got to make, Metroid fans finally got their Dread. It’s not far.

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