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Castlevania Nocturne announced for September (updated with trailer)

Netflix new image for Castlevania Nocturne

Netflix has confirmed today that Castlevania Nocturne will premier on the popular streaming service this September and have released a new teaser poster for the animated series. Castlevania Nocturne will be released on Thursday, 28th September and a teaser trailer will be released tomorrow giving us all a glimpse of what to expect.


4 thoughts on “Castlevania Nocturne announced for September (updated with trailer)”

  1. I wonder who they’re gonna make into a gay character this time:/
    They seriously ruined Alucard by shoehorning that bi bs in there just to meet their woke esg mandate, and yes this is a thing and isn’t made up, look it up if you want because it’s the reason all entertainment, from movies and shows to video games in the west, are completely being ruined.

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