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Rumour: Sonic Frontiers aims for 720p and 30fps on Nintendo Switch

sonic in sonic frontiers coming 8th November

One of the attendees spoke to one of the SEGA representatives at last week’s Tokyo Game Show to find out what resolution and frame rate we should expect for the upcoming Sonic Frontiers. The individual was informed that the Nintendo Switch version of Sonic Frontiers aims to be 720p and 30fps on the Switch family of systems. Those of you with a PlayStation 5 should expect to be able to choose from two options 4K and 30fps or 1080p and 60fps. The PlayStation 4 version of Sonic Frontiers will be 1080p 30fps. The fan neglected to ask about the Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S Versions. We should get official confirmation in the coming months for all systems as Sonic Frontiers is due to launch globally on 8th November.


8 thoughts on “Rumour: Sonic Frontiers aims for 720p and 30fps on Nintendo Switch”

  1. But yeah, I don’t doubt that the Switch version is gonna be terrible. Multiplat third party Switch games tend to be given the scraps of development time. Good thing imo considering it would suck if they spent too much time and money on a weaker console instead of mainly focusing on making the PC, Xbox, and PlayStation versions the best they can be

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