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Sonic Frontiers TGS 2022 trailer shows off Super Sonic and more

The Tokyo Game Show kicks off this week and SEGA has released an action-packed new trailer for their forthcoming Sonic Frontiers which is scheduled to launch on multiple platforms including the Nintendo Switch this November. The intriguing new trailer shows Sonic tackling large new mechanical foes, Sonic casually catching a ride on a flying creature across the map, oh, and Super Sonic in action! Check out the TGS 2022 trailer down below and Sonic Frontiers launches 8th November.

Today, at Tokyo Game Show, SEGA revealed a new trailer for Sonic Frontiers, providing a new look at the game’s high-speed action and exhilarating combat. The new trailer also features the newest song from Japanese rock band ONE OK ROCK, “Vandalize,” which was recently announced as the official ending theme song for Sonic Frontiers.


7 thoughts on “Sonic Frontiers TGS 2022 trailer shows off Super Sonic and more”

  1. Please don’t make Super Sonic painfully difficult to unlock. There have been several games in the past that made this super form not worth the trouble and I would put myself through hell attempting to get the chaos emeralds just to play as the character. I don’t have the kind of free time these days to go through such a trial, if its hair pulling hard I will likely skip this game altogether.

  2. Nice. I hope they done away with the 3D games’ tradition of saving Super for final bosses, its about time if you ask me.

    1. Its been a staple to have a playable Super Sonic ever since Sonic Colors all the way back on the Wii. I’m fairly confident Super Sonic will be playable throughout the entire game once unlocked.

  3. Make it free like on sonic forces. The only other games where I unlocked super transformations were sonic adventure, sonic adventure 2, sonic r, sonic heroes, shadow the hedgehog, sonic 06, sonic unleashed, sonic colors, sonic rush, the smash bros games with sonic and sonic and sega all stars racing.

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