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Nintendo: Advance Wars 1+2 new release date will be shared “once it has been determined”

One game which is already finished and was notably absent during today Nintendo Direct presentation was Advance Wars Re-Boot Camp 1+2  which was developed by WayForward. The game has suffered a couple of delays and was initially meant to go on sale in December 2021, but was pushed back to April 2022, and then pushed back further after Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. We still don’t have a release date for the collection of Advance War remakes, so Stephen Totilo of Axios spoke to Nintendo of America to find out what exactly is happening with the game. He was told by one of the company representatives that “The release has been delayed. We will announce the new date once it has been determined.” So there it is Advance Wars fans.

9 thoughts on “Nintendo: Advance Wars 1+2 new release date will be shared “once it has been determined””

  1. They delayed it cause of war in Ukraine. If the war goes ten years does that mean they will delay for ten years?

    No one else is delaying games with themes of war in them cause of the war in Ukraine.

    Out of all the games to get delayed this makes no sense whatsoever.

    Nintendo needs to just release the game and stop the bullshit.

    1. or how about stop being insensitive and stop being impatient about delays, releasing a game now will not do it any favors but then again you dont care and you want the game out now cuz you are just impatient.

      1. +Anonymous
        Oh get off that high horse, it does make zero sense precisely because plenty of other war-themed games are coming out and nobody batters an eye lid because it’s, surprise surprise, fictional!
        Being impatient is 1 thing but it’s another to delay a game purely because of a reason that makes no sense.

        1. The release date unfortunately coincided with Russia’s invasion and attempt to genocide the people of Ukraine. Releasing the game would have been in extremely poor taste. You just have to be patient. While you’re complaining you can’t play a videogame, children are getting shot, blown up and raped by Russian vermin. Stop your whining.

          1. +Ryan Hall
            You misunderstand, I get not relasing it on the intended date as the war had just broke out but it’s been months now and plenty of other war-based games have come out with nobody blinking an eye. It’s also hypocritical of Nintendo because they have no problem releasing Square Enix’s Front Mission, also a war game, in November of this year on their platform. If you’re gonna delay a game because “poor taste” then you can at least be consistent about it.
            And yeah, nasty things are happening in war, nobody is denying that, but that doesn’t really have anything to do with what I’m criticizing Nintendo for, it’s a separate situation.

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