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Nintendo has delayed Advance Wars Switch due to ongoing invasion of Ukraine

the logo for Advance Wars: Reboot Camp

Nintendo of America has tweeted this afternoon that they have decided to postpone the release of Advance Wars 1+2: Re-Boot Camp which was due to be released next month. Nintendo says the delay is due to “recent world events” which is clearly a reference to the ongoing invasion of Ukraine by Russian military forces. The Kyoto-based company says it will announce a new release date for Advance Wars 1+2: Re-Boot Camp when the time is right.

33 thoughts on “Nintendo has delayed Advance Wars Switch due to ongoing invasion of Ukraine”

  1. I mean its not like they announced Advance Wars when ukraine was getting bombed. But alright, Nintendo is gonna Nintendo.

    1. You need to not act like you are Russian or that leaders sympathizer. Nintendo is a heavenly empathetic company. This is human, that’s why we love them. Games will be here always, blessings and chill.


      1. And here’s our Nintendo apologist.

        There’s always going to be recent events going on. Here’s another event: I went to work today, during the rain/snow. I also had pizza for lunch. I also started playing WarioWare: Get It Together.

        Nintendo has Nintendo’d for much less before.

      2. “Games will be here always, blessings and chill.”

        Which is more than we can say for certain 3DS and Wii U titles come March of next year. Not to mention the many Wii Shop channel games we lost.

  2. I think all war games should be postponed including any Call of Duty games or other 1st person shooters lol. I think Nintendo needed an excuse to postpone it again though.

  3. This is stupid. Not only is there always a war going on somewhere, but wars can drag on for years (look at the 20 year long BS we were dragged into because of people unwilling to fight wars effectively). Especially this Ukrainian conflict which is exposing Russia for the paper tiger it’s been for years, and where one of the largest air forces in the world can’t even obtain air superiority.

    Is Nintendo prepared to delay Advanced Wars for decades?

    1. Slippery slope fallacy.

      Nintendo is postponing Advance Wars because one of the factions in the game is heavily inspired by Russian military, and they invade other countries in the game. That’s a bit too on the nose to just gloss over.

      I’m glad for you and others who can bypass those feelings of similarity, but you are not the reason why they came to this decision. The game will eventually come out. Just have some decent human sympathy and empathy (if you’re capable), and enjoy the games you do have for now and wait.

      And in case you assume anything, I would say the same thing about a non-Nintendo game being delayed as well.

    2. My heart goes out to the people of Ukraine who are absolutely suffering and dying, but yeah it’s not a good move. There is always war going on, the war in Yemen has been going on for how long now? The war in Afghanistan had been going on for like 20 years and they released every other Advance Wars game during that period. Just seems like selective empathy and meaningless gestures. They could do something meaningful like donate to NGO’s and whatnot for Ukrainian aid but rather than that they delay an already delayed game and use the war as an excuse. Kind of weird IMO

      1. I personally don’t mind waiting, I actually might not even get the remake because I like the original art style more on GBA, but I think it’s a bit pointless to do.

  4. The invasion of Ukraine is incredibly sad, as well as the Armenian genocide. I don’t think releasing a cartoonish war themed game would be soo immoral, but I’m not in a rush to buy a war game ar the moment. So this could just be a sales decision. Idk. Fuck Putin.

  5. If you think this is the actual reason for the delay, I have a bridge to sell you. No judgement for Nintendo one way or the other, but I’d call the odds of the reason being what we’re being told the reason is at somewhere around 2%. I get what Sickr is saying about marketing but…… the game just flatly wasn’t really getting any marketing anyway. It wasn’t exactly going to get an aggressive advertising push for a low budget remake of a GBA game with a small fanbase.

    I’ll put $50 down on “They ran into some problem they need to patch out or some problem with distribution, and this is the best reason they could think of to tell the public.”

    1. I disagree. It’s definitely a marketing decision. It’s a niche franchise and, ideally, Nintendo wants to sell as many copies to new players. It might be a bit harder to sell to a new person when a lot of people have an anti-war mentality at the moment.

      It’s a bumper release but now it’s not the most palatable time to sell it.j

    2. Actually this isn’t the first time an advance wars game got delayed due to major world events, their was one delayed in Japan because of 9/11 so this being delayed cause of Ukraine/Russia
      thing isn’t a coincidence.

      1. “Actually this isn’t the first time an advance wars game got delayed due to major world events, their was one delayed in Japan because of 9/11 so this being delayed cause of Ukraine/Russia
        thing isn’t a coincidence.”

        That isn’t even remotely comparable. Advance Wars was an active series at the time and one of their primary titles to push the newly released GBA, not a niche download only game that 99% of people won’t have heard of. Moreover, the United States, where the attack occurred, was the majority of their target market. Shoot, that was in the early 2000’s. It wasn’t that long after game companies were called in to testify to Congress about violence in video games under the Clinton administration. In 2001, Nintendo had only juuuuuust stopped blackmailing its 3rd party developers to not include references to alcohol in their games.

        The comparison isn’t apples to oranges, its apples to spark plugs. But what it really comes down to is “Is there any plausible scenario where they get serious blowback for releasing Advance Wars on the Switch eshop on time, rather than slightly delaying it and releasing it anyway”. Do you really see that as a plausible outcome?

        1. All it would take is a few twitter people getting angry at the game, and it has an unfortunate circumstance of portraying something reminiscent of Russia as invaders. In a climate where you have users who are actively looking for thing to be outraged on, Nintendo most likely doesn’t want to release something when it can pose bad PR for them. Maybe not as concerning as the government getting on their hides, but to them it’s still a risk since people nowadays tend to be unpredictable on the kinds of things they get outraged on nowadays.

            1. Yeah, I don’t know. When it comes to claiming rights to their own property they don’t care about bad PR in those circumstances, but they probably want to avoid any that doesn’t involve that.

  6. What does this have to do with anything? Was call of CoD delayed too? There is a plethora of war games that comes out every month and only stupid people and SJWs would find them in sensitive

    1. I mean… there’s been protests in major cities where people are literally shouting “NO WAR” so… I could see not wanting to release a game called “Advanced Wars” where a Russia-like country invades other countries.

  7. I think it’s silly. (Like that pandemic game getting shutdown.) The world shouldn’t stop spinning because someone has it hard/terrible. You can be empathetic to someone’s plight without shooting yourself in the foot.

  8. Damn hippies and SJW’s.
    In that case they might as well just shutdown every FPS server, because libtards get offended easily. Because i always get offended by video games, and cartoons.
    Have they ever stopped making GTA one of the most controversial games, that libtards blame everything wrong with the world on.
    Stupid hippies and SJW’s, always gotta take it out on the gamers .. Power to the Gamers!!!
    CNN always talking about and blaming everything on GTA or some other games.

  9. Hope we get the Ukraine Invasion DLC…along with the “Aisle 9 Achievement” where you have to destroy the US wuhan bio weapons labs in Ukraine. Also the “Aunt Tifa” achievement where you have to destroy the Antifa divisions Obama set up there

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