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Square Enix launches YouTube channel featuring game soundtracks

Square Enix, the company behind video game classics such as the Final Fantasy, Dragon Quest, and Chrono Trigger, has opened a new YouTube channel which is exclusively for its various video game soundtracks. The channel is named Square Enix Music and features around 5500 Square Enix songs, special mood mixes, live performance videos, and more. You can listen to Square Enix soundtracks here.


6 thoughts on “Square Enix launches YouTube channel featuring game soundtracks”

  1. Like or hate the music the channel uses, it seems like Pokemon Company & Squeenix are taking shots at Nintendo with these music channels. Where’s your music channel at, Nintendo? Shoulda had one of those ready to be put on YouTube when ya wiped out that other music channel giving people a place to listen to your music.

  2. I went there and there’s like 4 videos….
    Where exactly are these “5500 Square Enix songs”?

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