Official Mario Kart Ride-on Vehicle For Kids Revealed

Jakks Pacific has revealed the first officially licensed Mario Kart ride-on vehicle for children. The company was approved last year to create major toys based on Nintendo franchises. The Mario Kart ride-on is available for pre-order at Toys “R” Us for $200 and is due to be released sometime in March.

“It’s an exciting little runner that we expect to sit competitively within other 6V ride-ons, and with it being so relevant to the [Nintendo’s] Mario Kart, it should do very well.”

“Nintendo is a classic brand rich in content that appeals to today’s kids, parents and collectors alike, and we are excited to partner together to bring their video game heritage to life in the toy aisle. We are looking forward to expanding our top-tier roster of properties through this comprehensive licensing deal, which covers a wide array of category rights for almost all Nintendo properties and for nearly all worldwide territories.”

Check Out This Cute And Cuddly Tanooki Mario Soft Toy

Nintendo has announced that it’s going to start selling cuddly Tanooki Mario soft toys in Japan starting from April. A small cuddly Tanooki Mario costs 1,400 yen ($18) and a medium-sized Tannoki Mario costs 2,600 yen ($34). Nintendo hasn’t announced any plans to bring these adorable toys to the West, though I’m sure there’s a few of you that would like to get your hands on one.

Nintendo Wii: Heavy Rain Director Says “Wii Is Like A Toy”

David Cage, the director behind the acclaimed Heavy Rain on the Playstation 3 has likened the Nintendo Wii to both a boardgame and a toy.

“When you have a game console like the Playstation 3 that has a hard drive, a blu-ray reader, that connects to the internet, and does a billion other things, and that has a “hard” in terms of games that really is extraordinary, well, I think at some point people make the difference between something that is like a toy, a funny boardgame like the Wii, and a real? well a real multimedia center with an extremely strong videogame experience.”

– David Cage