Nintendo Wii: Heavy Rain Director Says “Wii Is Like A Toy”

David Cage, the director behind the acclaimed Heavy Rain on the Playstation 3 has likened the Nintendo Wii to both a boardgame and a toy.

“When you have a game console like the Playstation 3 that has a hard drive, a blu-ray reader, that connects to the internet, and does a billion other things, and that has a “hard” in terms of games that really is extraordinary, well, I think at some point people make the difference between something that is like a toy, a funny boardgame like the Wii, and a real? well a real multimedia center with an extremely strong videogame experience.”

– David Cage



    1. Retarded meaning he doesn’t understand his own market which is to make games not movies. Video games cameback because of games not features games not movie but games. When was the last time some was addicted to reading or watching a story out side of comic con?

      Everything about the ps3 is a niche or extintion of gaming exstenting only because some thing got people into them.

      The problem is people don’t play pc games any more because they have never replaced what the nes or arcades did. Instead they relied on features to sell games or what they called a game.

      If hd gaming did not have online they would be dead in the water because they all fail at making games. Yet any one can make good cg now.

      Just look at how pale move is in comparison to resort. Then understand that Sony can not make a 2d game worth playing.

      Some how the industry forgot to make games yet relied on hype. We buy consoles not media hubs those are pcs for the living room.

  1. A toy?! OMG, has that guy ever played games like Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess, or Super Smash Bros. Brawl?! Hey, ever notices that the playstation 3’s Kinect looks a lot a Wii Remote Control? If I where Nintendo, I would say they broke the copyright…

      1. If he calls the Wii a toy, he should look at the PS Move. (the Kinect does look okay, just not practical for most games.

    1. Hahaha first off Kinect is the Microsoft controller-less system, not the PS3 @TrueNintendoFan, get your head out of the sand. Secondly, when you compare the capabilities of all three major systems, the Wii is by far the the worst of the three, no matter how fun the games/gameplay may make it. No HDMI components, no DVD capability, the internet capacity is terrible, the graphics are called “artsy” (a euphemism for lackluster), the memory capacity nonexistent, and the revolutionary motion is now not only quirky and problematic at best on the Wii, it has been duplicated and one-uped by both the other major systems. The comparison of the Wii to a boardgame is a completely accurate analogy when up against the Xbox 360 and PS3.

      1. Yes the xbox has kinect and ps3 has move, and yes the wiis motion controls are not perfect. But I think you are forgetting something…. The wii started all of this motion control stuff which has now become so popular the other companies are being slack and once again copying nintendos lead. Yes kinect and mive are more accurate than the wii, but they were released 4 YEARS AFTER THE WII! If nintendo releaesed another motion control system now I’m sure it would have equal or better motion controls and some other awesome feature that noone has ever done before!

        1. They did update it with the Wii Motion+ addon and now are releasing the Wii remote+ with the Motion+ built in.

      2. ZOMG! the Wii doesnt have HDMI! Its still one of the best systems out there today! Out sold both XBox & PS3. Great game play and awesome GAMES!

  2. That guy is definitely retarded for reals. Um, When the Wii & PS3 came out in 2006 who out sold who here? Umh Wii:1 PS3:0
    I’ll gladly keep playing with my “toy” but I am getting a PS3 but only for its Blu-Ray player. LMAO!

  3. Idiot! The Wii DOES have internet capabilities too you know David Cage, you ignoramus! Like Alex Timm, if the Wii is a toy, then it’s the best toy I ever had and wouldn’t trade it for an Xbox or PS3 anytime.

  4. Playstation has Move, XBOB Kinnect.

    I think he’s right, the Wii is a toy. Its fun to play with friends, PS3 is not.

  5. ive had the wii and trust me i LOVE nintendo for SOME things (mostly zelda and metroid) but the wii is kind of like a big ass toy its more for the casual gamers who never play ALOT of videogames so yes it it more like a toy compared to the PS3 and Xbox , im not hateing on the comapny or anything its just more logical to think of it as a toy…that is all

  6. I have a Wii and i think its a sweet system. I liked it mostly for super smash brothers! (one of the best games for it.) but it is geared to a certain demographic. Its def a family friendly system. its something i would add to a family game night line up of games to play. (like monopoly and scrabble …..) My partner just bought the 360 slim. ( I am so jealous!) and i really like it. the PS3 is awesome too. they just have better more adult games than the Wii. And if the Wii had am adult game, i don’t think it would fly. (dead rising for the Wii was frustrating!) so as much as i LOVE my Wii, i would kinda classify it as a toy.

  7. Video games are supossed to be Toys!!!! get worry if u are not going in that direction, best toy ever ^^

  8. I’ve been a long term Nintendo guy but after getting a Wii in 07, I relented and got a 360 last year. I mean Wii has great 1st party games but honestly those games are great because they are Mario, Zelda, etc… not because of what the Wii brings to the table. I understand how what he said would piss off wii owners, but its not completely off base. There is so much shovelware on wii it isn’t funny I had to get a 360 to play certain games properly. You ever play NBA 2k on wii? Its an abomination

  9. Wii being a “toy”? For a system that’s outselling the others in a huge way, that’s mighty big talk. Not too mention Sony and Microsoft went into the “motion” scene. :P

    1. It outsells because people are buying them for their 5 year olds. I almost did too. I played all 3 systems and even my 8 year old thinks the Wii is boring. Resistance alone was enough for me to want a PS3

  10. I think he´s right in his analysis. And that’s why Wii has outsold Ps3, people are looking for something to play and have fun with. Not all want to “do a billion other things” when all they want to do is have a good time with a game.
    (but I agree, amongst those billion things Ps3 has a good game or three.)

  11. I think the thing that amuses me the most about all of this is the fact that this guy is a director for a game on the PS3. That’s right . . . on the PS3. Of course he’s going to try to degrade the Wii. He doesn’t make any money if you go out and buy the Wii. I’m willing to bet that if his game were on the Wii, he’d be hailing it as the best invention since sliced bread.

  12. I think he missed the point about the Wii and why Nintendo went the direction they did.

    Yes, the PS3 and 360 are far better in terms of graphics hardware and capabilities (like HDMI output). Nintendo made a choice: gameplay (to make more interesting and inventive game) vs graphics (to simply make games look better). They chose the control scheme to reach a broader audience and to get younger kids off their widening asses and play something entertaining. Old people and young kids don’t play the PS3 or 360, do they? No. The Wii? My mom does.

    About Kinect and Move: of course their controls will be more user-friendly than the Wii. After Sony and Microsoft had a chance to study Nintendo’s inventive controller and (most importantly) adapt it to their audience, it’s only natural that it’s received better. It’s not completely new like the Wii was when it came out.

    It’s a little sad that he thinks that good gaming comes down to graphics. Do you not think that if Nintendo wanted to have the best of HD gaming, they would’ve? They just didn’t want to.

    And, yes, this guy obviously hasn’t played Other M (or Prime 3), Twilight Princess, or Brawl.

    And also, I already have a “multimedia center”… it’s my computer. And it’s much better than the PS3. (Well, not in terms of graphics, but you get it…)

    1. But da question i’d bn askin… y not mix both gd gameplay n graphics together? smtg like dis made games like “Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands” take a weird turn. (click on my name 4 a review 4 more details.) plus, game developers like Ubisoft seem to have 4gotten dat da Wii has a Classic Game Controller, if da Wii remote’s to blame 4 da games’ alternative plots from da real thing.

  13. Really because Heavy Rain is like a movie. Oh wait, it IS a movie. It’s not a game… It’s a movie that you press buttons for! In terms of entertainment, Wii over Heavy Rain any day >_>

  14. I’m very sorry sir, but I can’t hear what you’re saying over Super Mario Galaxy, Super Mario Galaxy 2, Metroid Prime Trilogy, Super Smash Bros Brawl, New Super Mario Bros Wii, and The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess

  15. Most of the games on wii are crap. Then there are ok games. Then there are pretty good games. Then there are a few really good games……then the’re the classics :D

    1. Most of the games on the ps3 are crap even their exclusives. Which is why Sony has only a few games that sell over 3 million. While the wii has a bunch ranging from e for every one to games even the so called hardcore says are too hard.

      Video games are not movies the ps3 is a movie box in a time where interactive movies suck and box office movies suck.

      Plus we all have an every thing box it’s called a pc why buy a fanboy driven version of the pc.

      Last time I looked ps3 are sold in toy stores media hubs are not. Some one is confused as to which market he is in.

      It just goes to show ps3 devs are wanna be pc game makers that need sony’s hype box to well games.

  16. If he says it’s a toy, it’s the best toy I have. Me and my family LOVE to play games together and have fun, things that other systems that don’t interest them.

    1. @mario64mario: Are you kidding me? PS3 IS a multimedia center. Sony gave it all it got… compare to the Wii. As a former Wii owner (former bcoz im gettin da 3DS), i felt like my old console lacked some major stuff… especially while usin it outside da Nintendo-covered countries.

      1. I feel the same about the hd systems. I have a wireless keyboard hooked up to my wii. Actualy the Internet is way better on the wii since I can use the remote to navigate and opera blows away the ps3 browers. Hey but it’s a game system. I have a few laptops and the ps3 isn’t beating any of them as a media hub. Since I can play blu rays on them and actualy use the Internet side of blu rays better. I can get subs if I want and do every thing at the same time.

        You see I buy the best not second or third best because I had a ps2. If I want a media hub then I get one with unlimited storage pcs and laptops with USB drives. Can choose to play real hd games like street fighter on my laptop with a wireless controller and still have great nintendo games until Sony and friend figure out how to make better movies and then games.

        Oh yeah I like my games to require skill current almost on ps3 exclusive is played at skill based competitions.

        What is worst than casuals movie watchers trying to turn gaming into movies.

  17. well he’s probably retarded ;)
    the wii is not just a toy, it’s innovation :)
    and innovation is what’s nintendo’s all about,
    just look at their newest example, the 3ds

    1. They’re talking about the Wii vs da Xbox 360 and/or PS3, n we all know who da 2 winners here are. (i mean, have u heard of “Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands”?) Altho im gettin da 3DS, i have a bad feelin dat Sony’s waitin 4 da right time to beat da record. Even a friend of mine shares this fear as well.

  18. Riddle me this d-bag, why does Heavy Rain support the move? That is just as much as a toy as the Wii is since Sony basically copied the Wii remote nunchuk.

  19. Well that dude is right bcuz I think the Wii is a joke and has very few hardcore games (sin and punishment is a joke.)

  20. I dont find how its fair the Wii is getting all this Negative attention towards. E3 you gotta admit Nintendo outbeaten the other competion. PS3 really made me wanna stop watching E3. But the Wii needs some new updates. Forget Family content, the Wii needs a much more mature audience for everyone. Thats the rating for a Majority of their games. What ever happened to Hardcore videos games. In the ’90s they had Doom and Conker. Now they are avoiding this. Nintendos taking the wrong approach towards the market. Some things I think Nintendo could use as a stategy the Wii needs…
    1) Headsets, normally this is just used for help with teamates so you can give them the appropriate instructions. I think the Wii could really use one.
    2) The Return Hardcore Gamers!
    3) DLCs Im playing A common game like Sonic & SEGA All Stars racing right? Normally I would hate for having to update my games but when this happends everyone gets hyped for it. I want this stuff on the Wii Too. Super Smash Bros. Brawl, its still not late to update like better late than never right? Include characters like Megaman, and Geno!

    1. Where did this “hardcore = mature” mentality come from anyways?

      Games are supposed to be fun. To be a hardcore gamer you don’t have to look like this guy:

      I think Metroid Prime, Super Mario Galaxy 2, and The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess are all hardcore games. One of those is rated E, and the other two are rated T. None are mature by any stretch of the imagination.

      And anyhow, making “casual games” is what sells, so why would any reasonable company stop making casual games, which appeal to the masses, in favor of hardcore games, which appeal to only a comparatively small group?

      Also, I don’t believe that they could release DLC for Brawl even if they wanted to.

  21. So much ironing, coming from someone who made an interactive movie. Then again, it’s fitting, PS3 is a multimedia center while Wii is a game console, made for video games. You know, something he should try making instead of shitty CG animations.

    1. Your right pcs are not sold in toy stores. This guy and others actualy look down on console and want them to be part of the pc market.

      For this to happen sony needs to exit the console market and develop the media hub market. Stop calling the ps3 a console and stop selling it in toy stores.

      I mean the pc can be used to play games yet that is not it’s sole purpose and on top of that it isn’t relying on kids and immature grown up fans to keep it’s platform viable.

      The hardcore idea was a way for pr people to convert gamers into grown ups like how the cinema is mostly an adult venue. If failed because the hardcore already had a definition it meant skilled game player of all types of games not just the ones deemed worthy of hype.

      Also guys like the heavy rain makers don’t want us playing old games because they simply can not compete game play wise and they know it.

      It’s like every one cuaght sega diesease and forgot what gaming is and was just to try and sell us art that publisher can’t even afford any more since their is no one hooked on gaming.

      The 3ds is coming and the next nintendo system will give you the graphics you want since it’s only a matter of specs now since the parts are cheaper.

  22. Nintendo knows how to make video games they have the expirience of more than 30 years making video games they know that video games are suppoesed to be “fun” and toys are “fun” so video games are supposed to be “toys” these new company’s like sony and microsoft don’t know how to make real video games they don’t have the expirience nintendo has .If sega or even atari would still be around video games would still be “fun” like nintendo makes them

  23. Nintendo will always be in another league, they know what is necessary and influences should be applied to their consoles. I have the xbox and wii, although I do play my xbox more it doesn’t mean I favour the system, I would choose to wii anyday because of it’s long lasting appeal to me with it’s large variety of games first party or not. And if boardgames are as fun as the wii, I have definitely been missing out, might go out and buy monopoly or something!

  24. Hey, thats insulting by David! Comparing the wii with a boardgame. David is a dick!

    Thats my opinion…

  25. Well David is a narrow-minded fart who knows nothing but first-person shooters with HD graphics.

    Obviously, developer who looks at graphics>gameplay, it’s obvious they don’t know how to make a good game – as shown in the game Heavy Rain.

  26. I don’t get how these people come up with this. It has a hard drive which apparently makes it better? Grow up. The “hard core” audience likes to point to the fact that their system has so much more than the Wii. Why? I had such a hard time distinguishing good 360 games, because frankly, there’s no first party support. All of it is sports games or shooting games, all trying to have the best graphics ever. Too bad this guy can’t think of more than 3 of the “billion things” that the PS3 does.

  27. “When you have a game console like the Playstation 3 that has a hard drive,”

    We’ve got flash memory. It works.

    “a blu-ray reader,”

    I call it a “glorified expensive HD DVD player”.

    “that connects to the internet,”

    *Gasp* The Wii does too! (And so does the XBOX 360, for that matter).

    “and does a billion other things,”

    Do elaborate.

    “and that has a “hard” in terms of games that really is extraordinary,”

    I’m not even sure what this is supposed to mean.

    “well, I think at some point people make the difference between something that is like a toy, a funny boardgame like the Wii, and a real? well a real multimedia center with an extremely strong videogame experience.”

    Same with this. “People make the difference between”? Will someone translate this into proper English for me?

    1. The wii is like a relationship it does one thing extremely well while others try to do every thing and every one else and fail at happiness. I can not wait till the resecession bankrupts all of these movie industry rejects.

      Don’t they know hype killed the atari with ET. It creates an artificial bubble that is not sustainable. Now movie gaming would be sustainable if it was supported by games that revival what we had in the 2d days. Then let the cgi make all the cut scenes they want just give me a skip button.

      Did you here MGM went for bankrupt like midway.

  28. Mr. Cage, have “fun” blowing a zombie’s head off by pressing square, x, circle, x and then buying a hooker with L3, I’m going to go play Mario with my little brother on the best toy ever (apparently).

  29. If the Wii is a toy, it’s a bigger hit than Playdo, Barbie, Legos, Mr. Potato head, and every other classic toy put together. You sir, have NO sense of what a video game, or FUN for that matter is. FUN, is not staring at hours of EYE CANDY.

  30. Bro u think that the wii is a toy it is ths best toy in the world then WII MADE THE FIRST MOTION CONTROL CONSOLE WII U IS THE ONLY CONSOLE IN THE WORLD THAT CAN HAVE 5 players at once playing NOW U TELL ME THAT THE WII and the wii u are toys I DARE U

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