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Nintendo Wii: Downloadable Demo’s Come To WiiWare From November Onwards

Nintendo have officially announced that they’re adding a new service to the Wii Shop Channel which allows gamers to download demo’s of specific WiiWare titles starting November 5th.



21 thoughts on “Nintendo Wii: Downloadable Demo’s Come To WiiWare From November Onwards”

  1. they should do the same with wii games … it would also be a great idea for 3ds games :) would be the first handheld with downloadable demos ;)

    1. They have already announced demos for the 3DS. So they’ve done half of the whole “demo integration”, and now they have to do it with the Wii….. I don’t know why not. The Wii can obviously handle it (they’ve done demos before) and full game demos wouldn’t be hard to implement….. I mean, I really want to try out GoldenEye, but I don’t want to go to GameStop and wait until they put it up as a demo (if they every do).

    2. You can already dowload DSi demo’s through the Wii’s Nintendo channel, quite a nice feature! I’m really glad this will be available for wiiware titles too! Nintendo is really improving it’s support to third parties!

  2. I agree wth Manu. y not download demos of main console titles 4 da Wii n 3DS? da Xbox did just dat, n it kinda gave gamers support 4/against certain game titles, as to buy’em or not. WiiWare, from my experience, need not demos, really.

  3. Yes! I really hope that Demo’s are here to stay. Also, I think that the main purpose of the original set of demos was for the 3DS. It’ll hopefully be a 3DS service from the beginning.

  4. How far behind are Nintendo with some things. I’ve got loads of demos on my 360 and about 5 on my Wii from there last batch. DSi demos? Wii Speak,mmmm,that works with only a thimble full of games. The DS download on the Wii shop channel has demos of games that nearly every DS owner has got or had and why cant ya save them on ya DSi/SD card to try again or show other people? Come on Nintendo, everyone copys you, why not copy them!

  5. The idea is good but I know that there
    will be problems. Like the “wii speak” it
    sounded nice but then I heard it can only work if you have friends that that also
    have it. Over all I hope that it will be
    good and I don’t do this alot.

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  7. Didn’t they already have Wiiware demo’s I know I have downloaded at least 5 or six, so does this news mean they are making demos for EVERY wiiware title from here on out?

  8. These demos seemed to have already been pulled down from the Wii Shop Channel. Either that or they were never put up in my region.

    When you said that this would be a new service, I was under the impression that this would be a permanent section on the Wii Shop Channel, but from the linked article, it doesn’t seem like that is the case. It’s just a temporary return of something they did last year.

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