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The Adorable Intern Pikachu Is Available To Purchase In North America


Every fancied having your own soft and cuddly intern Pikachu? Well, now you can if you live in North America. The adorable intern Pikachu is available for the first time at the US Pokemon Centre store. If you are interested the intern Pikachu is a 7.5-inch plushy which only costs $17.99. There’s also a number of other Pikachu designs to purchase, so go visit the online store.

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12 thoughts on “The Adorable Intern Pikachu Is Available To Purchase In North America”

  1. -.- Stickr…. “Pokemon Go” was announced for ISO/Android is coming Next year. say can i be a member? u really need help with real Nintendo news. lol. “Pokemon Go” is a Mobile/iso real life time game. U can bring your phone outside and capture real time pokemon with your phone. i didn’t get what GameXplain was sayin.. lol.

    1. You do know he already reported on that, in a earlier article, right? Check the article “Pokemon, Niantic, and Nintendo collaborating on new mobile pokemon game launching 2016.”

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  3. Good thing the US Pokemon Center store is an online store or else most people would be fucking screwed. Now if Nintendo of America would quit swimming in their fucking cash reserves, maybe they could build more Nintendo World Stores. Better yet! Put it up as an online store, damn it! The current US Nintendo Store online fucking SUCKS.

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