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Pokemon Company Possibly Teases The 7th Generation of Pokemon For 2016


There was one big announcement early this morning and that was that Pokemon GO is arriving on smart devices in 2016. During the announcement an image was shown off of the Pokemon timeline including all the main entires in the series with a notable space for a new entry in 2016. We already know that the Pokemon Company is planning something for the franchise’s 20th anniversary and what better way of celebrating than releasing a new mainline title.

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122 thoughts on “Pokemon Company Possibly Teases The 7th Generation of Pokemon For 2016”

  1. probably just gonna be this generation’s Crystal/Emerald or what have you

    Pokemon GO is just gonna be some shitty mobile app that nickle and dimes you.

    “You’ve used all your pokeballs today, would you like to buy a new pack for 0.99? Ultra balls for 4.99? Master balls for 9.99?”

    Listen people, you phone/bluetooth device is NOT going to be projecting holograms out in to the real world and you’re honestly ignorant if you think that is going to be what it’s like without some oculus rift peripheral

    1. It’s clearly not going to be Crystal/Emerald type game based upon that graphic. It only shows the 2 initial games of each generation, not the following games.

    2. If you are looking at the graphic correctly, you’d see that based on that timeline, it’d be a new gen for 2016.

      Secondly, it wouldn’t be projecting holograms, but viewing them through a phone camera of sorts, similar to how AR cards work on the 3DS if I had to guess myself.

      Thirdly, you can’t say it’ll be shitty without seeing basically ANYTHING yet.

      TLDR: Everything you said is basically wrong. Learn to read and understand things before speaking.

      1. I think the AR thing is more likely with the 3DS…but maybe they can use the phone camera? They have to at least do that, or I’m not even considering it.

        1. Nintendo Magistrate: Lance Bulmer

          You caught them all …. now prepare to do the same thing again as we eat of your nostalgia with Pokemon (the totally not ripping you off by doing the same shit we been doing for years) Masters Edition coming 2016 “people over the age of 10 will be denied a copy at retail

        2. You are an idiot if YOU believe people actually think Pokemon will be projected holograms. Oh and Ingress is free, which means Pokemon GO will probably be free. Dumb fuck.

          1. It is already confirmed free dumb fuck, free with micro transactions. And YOU are an idiot because I’ve already read comments online with people asking how are the Pokemon’s projected without google glasses. This world is filled with idiots like you.

          2. Honestly, I feel like this would be best on google glass, possibly being the only thing that could make google glass good.

          3. Unlike everyone else, I agree with you on Pokemon GO. Pokemon GO seems pretty crappy, and even though that one software is free, doesn’t mean they will not charge and change their policies. I’m already expecting in-app purchases, and really, the idea of having to go places to get Pokemon seems a bit “gimmiky” to me. The only times I will use it will be to catch any Pokemon that barges into my house. Besides, how weird would it look to toss imaginary balls and fight an imaginary Pokemon.

            1. I know it’s been a few months since this comment, but honestly, I’ve had countless people get snide saying how I’m “tripping” if I think PKMNGO is going to be more inclined to charge for basically everything except the app itself. Nobody seems to think past the “free” part in downloading the game, and what it could possibly entail. I don’t care if Gamefreak, Nintendo, or any of them claim the GO will be free, I strongly believe that they will only keep it “free” for a very, very short period to lure people in, maybe five first-time sign ups a few free perks, then once the honeymoon phase is over, get ready for in-app charges out the ass. So, I’m in agreement with you on the frequent in-app charges.
              I strongly feel that anyone who is convinced that GO will be free to download (which is unlikely to change), but also be free to play entirely, is fucking dreaming. I predict Shuffle, except without the slower method for those with patience to progress through the game. Since they’ve already said that various Pokemon will inhabit different areas, region to region, and we will need to trade, there’s another cash cow right there. I see things playing out somewhat the same as the “extra/bonus” characters in Super Smash Bros. as well, that some of them are unavailable without paying anywhere from about $4-9 per character (depending on the console for SSB).
              Either way you slice it, Nintendo has a very loyal fan base, but due to their lagging in console power to other major brands, and their seeming eagerness to hop on the “charge the shit out of everybody for small things in every game and not allow alternative free methods (and going overboard on DLC in my opinion, lately)”, that Pokemon GO will probably shatter those with aspirations for the game to be free in most ways. In an additional note, I don’t feel like our technology is quite where it needs to be yet for us to fully enjoy any form of augmented reality. Maybe I’m just extremely picky in this area, but I don’t have high expectations for any kind of realism in any way for this app. I hope they surprise me.

            2. If it’s anything like Ingress, it’s gonna be pretty innovative. lol There’s more than just microtransaction mobile games. Not saying they’re not gonna try to nickle and dime you, it’s very possible. However, it only makes sense to check out Ingress and compare. :D

            3. Well clearly its not gonna project holograms. that’s just being unrealistic. and no its not gonna nickel and dime you, “recharge” over time. Nor would they do i think they would have multiple types of pokeballs because if someone bought a masterball, Instant mewtwo event canceled due to a catch.

              You battle a person, earn pokemon currency, use as you would in the game. if you run out of money, oh well. go beat up some pokemon. held items by certain pokemon can be sold (stardust for example) rather than the traditional pokemon release a year, the 20th anniversary will be GO. so let them have their fun, let the consumers buy the game. the game will probably be bought as a hard copy of the Band thats around your wrist, code to go with it. cuz google and apple do have redeeming options.

              Just because your skeptical about it doesnt mean you have to assume its gonna nickel and dime you. Pokemon is too main stream to resort to petty little gimmicks as such. that being said, if they did nickel you, theyd lose roughly 40% of their faithful fans, thus leading them to a gradual decline in product, and profit.

            4. Y’know, I’ve been playing Pokemon Shuffle a lot recently, and there’s been no pressure for microtransactions. When you open the app, it even says “this application can be played without paying money” and hides the cash shop deep within menus. The game is super enjoyable and all hearts are replenished in under 2 hours.

              Also, at the press conference, the creator said he wanted to do something special for the 20th anniversary. A remake or even a new generation isn’t special. This is special. I’m proud to be hyped for this exciting experience.

              Also, seems like the author of the article didn’t even watch the press conference. He just saw the chart and said oh looks like a new gen should be on its way. Which, while feasible, probably won’t be the case. Pokemon Z is scheduled soon, but that was expected and, as it’s just a remake, will just be a remake. (The code word is “flowers,” alluding to AZ’s Floette and the hidden Vivillon uncovered by the hacker that discovered Hoopa, Diancie, and Volcanion.)

              1. i can almost guarantee its not going to be an alternate version of the existing version because none of the alternate titles (pkmn yellow, crystal, emerald etc.) are listed

                      1. No. People have been asking for a big console Pokemon game for years that has every single Pokemon in it with a big ass open world of Pokemon to explore. Sadly, Game Freak is too stuck in their ways to even listen to us.

                        1. actually game freak is a little weird because i think they stop listen to fans it just like SEGA stop listen to fans.

                            1. Gamefreak has a very good reason to not do this. The game mechanics in Pokemon, as they are now, are not suited for a game of that scale. Think about it:

                              – By the end of the thrid region you’ve most likely reached the level cap or you’re very close to it. Usually your Pokemon would be level 55-60 already when you get to the Elite 4 in just one game. You’d get a game with beyond horrible pacing.
                              – The levels of the Pokemon of trainers/gym leaders/etc. need to be scaled upward to be able to compete with your Pokemon, like what happened in G/S/C/HG/SS. Imagine the hilarity when Youngster Joey in Kalos has stronger Pokemon than the champion of Johto.
                              – If the Pokemon distribution between regions is the same as in the games, you’d be pretty sick running into another group of Ratatta by the time you reach the 4th region. Even if the Pokemon are restricted to the region they first appeared in you’d get a very bland distribution of Pokemon, especially in Johto and Kalos.

                              Increasing the level cap fixes the pacing, but this of course messes with the core mechanics of Pokemon altogether. They could make it so all your Pokemon fight at set levels like in the Battle facilities, but that defeats the purpose of training and leveling your Pokemon.

                              Restarting with only a level 5 starter at the start of every new region locks you out of the Pokemon you trained in an earlier region and that of course brings the problem that you can’t use your favorites from the previous region until you become the champion of the new region you’re in.

                              It won’t happen unless Pokemon’s core game mechanics get a major overhaul to support this. And we all know that won’t happen.

                              1. “Restarting with only a level 5 starter at the start of every new region locks you out of the Pokemon you trained in an earlier region and that of course brings the problem that you can’t use your favorites from the previous region until you become the champion of the new region you’re in.”

                                All they have to do is make it so that you can’t use the older regions’ Pokemon until you beat the first 3 or 4 gyms in the new region.

                                1. or they could easily force you to leave kanto pokemon behind while adventuring in johto forcing you to choose a new starter, at least until you defeated the champion, unlocking the previous gens pokes on that region only when you beat the region’s champion tho

                                  1. Like I said in another post: that’s no different from playing a new game in another Pokemon game.

                                    This whole “every region in one game” is just some fan fantasy and is honestly a really bad idea.

                                    1. YES!! Why is it only the 2nd Generation did this? Or they could do like the show, where you can keep a non-legendary/starter-only, like Ash does in the show every time it transfers to a new season (Though not a good comparison, since Ash’s ‘almighty’ Pikachu lost at Indigo Plateau[In G/S/C it was like lv80]), yet he kept Charizard until released to the wild (Charizard came back for awhile I think) … Back in 8-32 bit gaming I could understand, but Nintendo is constantly focusing on NEW concepts, not competitors. If they wanted to put their Japanese minds and American fanbase to account, I KNOW GAMEFREAK could merge the worlds, or even characters, from ALL the past generations, spinoffs, and even add in something new….and just IMO, most of the past 2 generations of PkMn kinda SUCKED. The new games were /decent/, but is it just me, or do the Pokemon get dumber every generation?? Ice cream-cone and Chandelier?? REALLY??

                                      I don’t need it to be in 3D, in fact I’d prefer it not be, for old time’s sake, and it’s 20th anniversary (plus all the PkMn copycats out there now) … just a bit more worth the money and acting like I’m 11 again : /

                                    2. ummmmm… what this guy said… but no seriously the core game mechanics need to change dude but since people play this game competitively and they hold a CHAMPIONSHIP like every year for this game… it wont happen.

                                    3. Or they could mirror this with the anime. Everytime you’ll go to another region you’ll deposit your pokemon at oak’s lab and if you’ll need assistance from one of your pokemon you could just ‘transfer’ them through a pc like in the anime.
                                      Also such an open world like pokemon game can be possible. See it as nintendo’s gta/eso. A vast, massive expendable map.
                                      See this could be a project worth to co-op with take2 or zenimax. They could connect the pc game with the handheld one’s, create more server space for a pc bank version. Connect it also with go or somehow some way …..

                                    4. Sadly, never gonna happen. Game Freak is too stuck in their ways of sticking with tradition. After all, look how long it took them to go full on with 3D in the mainline Pokemon games. If they ever do change their minds & do what we want, we’ll all be 50 or older by that point.

                                      1. Hell! I’ve only got around 21 years & something months before I’m 50..!

                                        Game Freak, you’re running out of time to give me what I want! At the rate Nintendo is going this gen, I might not even be around in 15-20 years to even give a damn about any Nintendo game, much less Pokemon, as I could be busy with anything else like maybe Sony’s newest console, moved to PC, found a new hobby, etc. depending on if the video game industry doesn’t crumble to dust WITH Nintendo as everything has turned into the nickel & diming mobile game industry.

                                      2. It’s called Kalos, and only 72 of them are new.

                                        Gen 7 isn’t happening anytime too soon, certainly not during the promised 2016 era. It’ll be another two years of filler hell with only 72 fucking new pokemon to make an anime out of. This truly sucks :'(

                                        1. Believe me, they will never do that, there would be too many issues on leveling for starters. Would it be fun if you hit level 100 in the second region and have five to just annihilate in a day or two? Or they could cap how quickly you rise in level, but then you would only get 15 levels or so per region. No mater how it’s done the reward system of leveling, learning new moves, and evolving would be either played out or stretched way to far, making people get bored of the game. That’s not to say that the Nintendo 3ds game carts can only hold around 8 gigs of data at any given time, and pokemon X and Y each hold around 6gigs, so if you take say a two gigs off the the reusable information that could carry over every extra region would be around 4gigs of extra data, so for two regions it would be around 10gigs, already surpassing the 8gig limit. So, we could not make a pokemon game with so many regions on the 3ds, and we would have to also change the fundamental aspects of the game to make it work. It sounds nice when you just hear it, Like communism really, but in practice it does not work.

                                                1. No. Continue dreaming because Game Freak won’t be making an MMO game on a home console any time soon. I’ll be shocked if they were working on one right now. But this is Game Freak. They are more set in their old traditional ways than the rest of Nintendo is & that’s saying something.

                                                2. If they make a game with the same no story, endless grinding mechanics then not really interested anymore. I love Pokémon but nowadays it’s just more of the same

                                                  1. the mechanics of X and Y looks outstanding and also the pokemon series still be the same dude and its base on the anime series.

                                                    1. well i guess we was right i guess pokemon company are working on 7 gen for there franchise but next year the company will do something big for its 20th anniversary but anyway with all do respect is the 7 gen gonna be happening at some point because its a early for them to announce the 7 gen of the series but if they are gonna announce it on there website then i will say let them do it besides the developers will put it in 3D just like they did in X and Y in 2013 and also what about the pokemom anime series in 2017 it will be the 20th anniversary on that year and the new 7 gen anime series will start.

                                                    2. IDK WTF “Go” is but it’s obviously another Microtransaction entrapment for desperate fans and dumb kids holding onto an expensive phones not knowing WTF to do with it or how it works.

                                                      1. Considering I’m a large pokemon fan that rooted my phone using the command line on a PC, flashed a custom recovery to my phone, almost flashed a custom ROM (recovery was outdated so it failed), and probably know more about phones than people trying to actually sell phones do, I’d reconsider that statement about “not knowing WTF to do with it or how it works”

                                                    3. It doesn’t take a genius to work out that Pokemon GO is going to be complete trash. Hopefully their next mainline entry is better than the last few.

                                                    4. Im pretty sure it’s going to be a Type of special Anniversary collection, or a remaster of Yellow or something along those lines i don’t expect them to come up with a new generation. But Go, looks awesome non the less i don’t mind transactions if they live up to the price

                                                      1. Because there is no schedule. They don’t release them yearly or in any particular schedule. Nintendo doesn’t do annual titles, they release them whenever they feel they have finished them.

                                                        1. Other than three exceptions in NA (four in Europe, but there were two games in the same year in 2001, Gold/Silver and Crystal), the Pokemon games have indeed been releasing annually, actually.

                                                          1. Shh. You might upset him with the truth. If he’s a fanboy, I guarantee he won’t be too happy to hear it & will probably get mad/annoyed, defending it with the “but those others were just remakes.” Like the few not liking how I’m talking about Splatoon being shady by holding back on-disc locked content & trying to make it look noble with the “but it’s free” defense. Sure they didn’t pull a Ubisoft & released it all at once & have it glitched til they patched it up or pulled an EA & charged them for it, but it’s still bad in my book since Nintendo ignored their own stance on complete, quality games vs incomplete, glitchy games.

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                                                        3. As much as I would love and be all over the eventual 7th gen Pokémon, I can’t help but feel like it’s still a bit early.

                                                          …Ah, who am I kidding? GIMME GIMME GIMME!

                                                        4. They haven’t done anything with Zygarde lore-wise yet other than ‘it keeps Yveltal and Xerneas in check’ and Volcanion still hasn’t been officially revealed yet. They need this game or these games to tie-in with the Zygarde movie. It would be very strange to skip over Volcanion altogether and introduce gen 7 already.

                                                        5. I don’t think we’ll see the 7th generation. Those come out anyways, it just wouldn’t be as special. It’s not gonna be a Pokemon Z version either. This is a monumental time they’re gonna do something big. While a new game with a new generation is always an exciting time, it’s the anniversary of Red and Green, there’s gonna be some sort of tie in with that. Remake? Possibly, the last version of the originals was on GameBoy Advance, so that’s possible. But I think they’re gonna mark it with something huge, something we won’t be guessing.

                                                          1. Considering the infographic only shows the flagship duo of every generation, this is completely teasing Gen 7. If they had gone and shown a complete timeline, I would hazard to agree with you there, but such a specific infographic only points to a new generation. It wouldn’t be surprising to see it harken back to Gen 1 for their anniversary in a similar way to X and Y did though.

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                                                        7. Hmmmm? people still want a pokemon MMO? That really sounds like a wet dream at this point. This is probably that one moment in time where i can agree with GF on something. When you think about the main concept of pokemon…..then mesh it with a MMO style(FFXIV, WoW etc) just says repetitive grind fest. I dunno who want’ to travel to every region just to do the samething you previously did on another region; shit even if you didn’t have to do the same thing on another region how would a quest system work for it? “Fly from unova to kanto to get 3 pokeballs from cerulean city’s pokemart” That just sounds lame. The only way i can really see a pokemon MMO workings is if they do a complete overhaul to pokemon. The games lore doesn’t really seem to be that deep on the scale of say final fantasy that make a game like ffvix work. I think a open world pokemon on the scale of pokemon coliseum or XD sounds good though just all my opinion anyway.

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                                                        10. Why did so many people expect gen 7 so soon? Zygarde has always been open to speculation since it had a low BST and has unused moves and Kyurem level of obscure relevance as well as 2 unused Ground moves. Coupled with the fact we haven’t got a cross game compatible spinoff like gens 1-5 had, there’s a few hints at a yet unseen 6 gen Wii U title, the battle frontier construction message suggests a stadium/emerald’s battle frontier hybrid for Wii U and they did hint at a Wii U game when they explained the decision behind cel shaded graphics for 3DS.

                                                        11. Nintendo Magistrate: Lance Bulmer

                                                          Can’t pokemon just die already ? Yes pokemon Y was a nice nostalgia trip but give it up there’s ony so much you can do before a series gets stale which pokemon is now. It’s only staing alive by the over 30+ year olds that refuse to admit the series is dead now !

                                                            1. Nintendo Magistrate: Lance Bulmer

                                                              bully for you I understand i hurt people but Pok’emon is dead and people should move on yes it was good while it lasted but thers only so much nostalgia the 20+ yo players can have for so long. It’s a sinking ship of rehashing the same damn thing ! I stand by what i said and it won’t change

                                                                1. Nintendo Magistrate: Lance Bulmer

                                                                  go ahead im the one makingholes in the lifeboats so im the only one that wont be snagged by their repeat tatic with their franchise and ill laugh when the series is dead and buried

                                                                2. Your wrong it’s not dead. Now they broken ass way they do it every dam game is getting old yes they just need a slight change up do something different add more gyms add something new to story something like they did with call of duty that dam game is old too but they keep it switched up so it doesn’t get too old.

                                                                  1. Nintendo Magistrate: Lance Bulmer

                                                                    it might as e games do the same damn thing so no matter what the hell they do, Even if they made the pokemans actually move and you see them actually bite the opponent they are still set in their ways and do shit they no those to stubborn to admit your doing the same shit you did when it first came out in 98. call of duty is just as bad perhaps even worse. the story is run around shoot people go online and deal with foulmouth little cunts that you want to strangle as the shit out of them for the crap they say out of their mouths plus call of duty is only held afloat by the 6yo thta play it and they say Nintendo is for kids ? Don’t make me laugh COmpanies need to see what kids are really playing and ban the game alltogether

                                                                3. I just don’t see why they don’t do a pokemon yellow remake it makes the most since on the 20th anniversary of pkmn js. And idc how repetitive it gets basically getting the same thing on every pkmn game I’ll still waste my money on them lol

                                                                4. The 2016 release is probably just going to be GO!
                                                                  What perfect way to celebrate their anniversary than to first release the first games in the DS shop. And then have the pokémon of the first generation in pokémon GO! for all the fans who’ve been with them since day 1.
                                                                  I doubt it’s going to be a new gen. If it’s going to be a new gen we probably would’ve heard something by now. New pokémon generations always leak online before they’re announced, and they leak online a long time before the announcement. And we’re not even that far away from 2016.
                                                                  Their games usually release in september/october/november And are almost always announced in december/january, while leaked images surface months before that. Seeing as we’re almost december and we still haven’t seen any leaked images and the only news we’ve gotten is Pokémon Go! the new game will probably be just that.
                                                                  But who knows, maybe we’ll get Pokémon Z with the addition of a few new pokémon or new pokémon forms (like the Ash Greninja form) to celebrate the anniversary.
                                                                  But I think Pokémon Go! itself is a seriously big step and big project, to take a 2nd huge project along with that is highly unlikely.

                                                                5. If Nintendo/Gamefreak will release a new Pokemon Stadium/Battle Revolution with updated Pokemon, they would make a fainting. (Get it? There’s no killing in Pokemon 😊)

                                                                  I don’t believe it’s dying, just a little stale. Besides, it’s one of Nintendo’s biggest franchises. Saying it’s, “dying”, is like saying that Mario will die, since they do repeat the same mechanic, (Pkmn:grinding / Mario:jumping) but add in a new mechanic here-and-there. (Pkmn:mega-evolution / Mario:suits)

                                                                  The difference being, that Mario’s built foundation. He’s got Karts 1-8, and Parties 1-10. Pokemon’s stuck with the same old game-type. (Zelda can get away with it because they add so many new styles/art/gameplay per game.)

                                                                  Final Take-Away: make spin-off franchises. It’s how you insure your fans don’t get bored.

                                                                  1. Jaded Ridley X3 {I'm not whining, you suckers... *cough* ..poor souls! I've just been driven insane by Nintendo failing me one too many times this gen!}

                                                                    And depending on the franchise it’s spinning off from, don’t make it TOO different from the mainline games or you just end up with another Metroid Prime: Federation Force debacle.

                                                                6. My sad assumption is Pokemon will have less new Pokemon in future generations, thanks to their interest in 3D models (quality), rather than a variety of new Pokemon in triple digits (quantity). Unevolved Pokemon like Farfetch’d, Delibird, Dunsparce, Luvdisc, Plusle, Minun, Pachirisu, Emolga, Dedenne, Kecleon, Maractus, Stunfisk, etc. will probably get mega evolutions too, condemning them from ever getting real evolutions officially or in fancanon. New concepts for each generation are set in stone and there’s nothing anyone can do about it. It sucks.

                                                                  And Yo-kai Watch is far from the alternative we were hoping for. Enjoy your freemium games and less than 100 new Pokemon for future generations.

                                                                7. Hopefully this one doesn’t have frame rate problems… Still waiting for Game Freak to fix this in X/Y/OR/AS…

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