GameXplain: Super Mario Maker Videos That Recreate Parts Of Classic Games

The folks over at GameXplain have been getting ridiculously creative with Super Mario Maker which finally launches to everyone tomorrow. The YouTuber’s have recreated various parts of a number of classic video games including Bob-Omb Battlefield from the beloved Super Mario 64 and also the challenging Super Meat Boy. This set of videos should at least give you some idea of what you can create in Super Mario Maker and the tools that are readily available.


  1. Cool, this is just so awesome, cannot wait, and for all you sissies out there, you no longer have to wait nine days, wii u daily reported, that nintendo put a patch out for mario maker, you now only have to wait 15 minutes until you can unlock more tools, instead of 24 hours.

    There ya go you bunch of whine bags, now just enjoy the game.

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