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Rihanna Dressed Up Like A Pokemon Gym Leader

Pop star Rihanna was spotted out and about dressed up as what one can only describe as a Pokemon Gym Leader. The star’s look was spotted by Buzzfeed and numerous Twitter users who even sketched up what Rihanna would look like if she was in the Pokemon universe. Other users have spotted that Rihanna has a trend of possibly dressing up as other Nintendo characters including Princess Peach and Yoshi. It’s certainly a cool and interesting look from Rihanna.


50 thoughts on “Rihanna Dressed Up Like A Pokemon Gym Leader”

          1. Where exactly does it say “video game news only”? Oh that’s right, this is NINTENDO news. But by your logic, I guess there shouldn’t be any news about club Nintendo, Nintendo reps getting fired for stupid podcasts, financial reports, etc. Derp derp

          1. I’m pretty sure this is just wishful thinking. She likes brightly colored clothing, which Nintendo children automatically associate with Nintendo characters. Cause, you know, all Nintendo IPs look straight from a Saturday morning cartoon.

                1. She is cosplaying. It doesn’t take a genius to see that! Look at the pokemon trainer picture, there’s no way that’s a coincidence. Her hair, even the choker around the neck is identical. The designs on her pants and arms… Your an idiot if you think she is NOT cosplaying to Pokemon.

                  1. Actually, that’s something someone drew after someone said Rihanna looked like a Gym Leader. So that drawing came AFTER Rihanna dressed up in that outfit. So she really isn’t cosplaying anything.

                  2. Can’t tell if you’re being serious or sarcastic, but the drawing was inspired by Rihanna, not the other way around. That Pokemon trainer doesn’t actually exist.

                      1. Woah, we wrote our comments nearly at the exact same time. Pretty sure yours wasn’t there at the time I wrote my reply. You still beat me to it though! :p

                        1. Rihanna’s hot but that’s just her looks. Did you know a year or so ago Rihanna joined in with bullying a girl that used one of her outfits as a prom dress?

                        2. So yeah. I don’t see any company that knows what kind of person she really is would jump at the chance to have her represent something like Pokemon.

                        1. Actually this is news. I never knew Rihanna liked Nintendo like that. Now I know, because of this article.

                          You don’t have to like every article on the site. You don’t like one go to the next, don’t cry like a little baby.

                        2. I’m surprised there’s no one bitching about her music. Usually on this site everyone wants to act like a stupid adult and say “Older music is better and blah blah blah”, and “Her music sucks and this that that”

                          1. You have to follow tradition. The old geezers always hate what’s popular and think what they grew up with is better. I’ts hilarious hearing them trying to prove why.

                          2. Shame Rihanna has shown herself to be a real bitch to some people, though. Like the time a fan of hers dressed up in an outfit Rihanna once wore & Rihanna was one of the assholes hating on the girl on Twitter. Rihanna’s music might be great but the actual singer is a horrible person.

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                          4. Yeah, Rihanna really pulled off that Yoshi look real well. Fucking captivating.
                            Also, any pink dress doesn’t qualify as a Peach look. I want to see Rihanna’s Goomba look. Paint that bitch orange…

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                          6. The drawing is not official Pokemon art. Nor is it even developmental art. It’s something some fan drew after reading some people commenting on how Rihanna looked like a Pokemon Gym Leader in that outfit. The drawing is pretty much just what a fan thinks she’d look like if she was a Pokemon Gym Leader.

                          7. Nintendo, have different celebrities represent and market your brand! A lot of popular celebrities really like your games. Like Miley Cyrus. I personally loathe her, but she is VERY relevant in pop culture so it wouldn’t hurt to at least ask her.

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