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Check Out This Cute And Cuddly Tanooki Mario Soft Toy

Nintendo has announced that it’s going to start selling cuddly Tanooki Mario soft toys in Japan starting from April. A small cuddly Tanooki Mario costs 1,400 yen ($18) and a medium-sized Tannoki Mario costs 2,600 yen ($34). Nintendo hasn’t announced any plans to bring these adorable toys to the West, though I’m sure there’s a few of you that would like to get your hands on one.

90 thoughts on “Check Out This Cute And Cuddly Tanooki Mario Soft Toy”

      1. No, you fail.
        Look at his/her (probably his) username.
        Anybody not trolling would not take 11 minutes to write ”first. bitches”.

        Awesome doll

  1. zant's faithful servant

    I would buy two, one to display, and one to take everywhere like a security blanket. yes i’m 15, no i never had a security anything when i was young enough to, and no, i ‘m not ashamed of myself.

    1. XD YOUR NAME!!!

      I bet Peteriuss has a Sony laptop… ether way… if he does not have a mac he has a Microsocks operating system… Microsocks is best known for it’s suck-Box.

      1. peteriuss says that he would never buy any Sony product, yet what make is his laptop? Also it has a microdick operating system.

        He admitted to the Sony laptop. Good point about the microsocks operating system, lol.

  2. miyamoto u old bastard y u not giving his piece of shit 2 north america and europe. come on brokin old man just do it!!!!!!

  3. I never felt comfortable buying a Mario (or Luigi) plush since they’re grown men (I think), so I usually stick to Pokemon, Yoshis and other adorable things.

    Oh, I sleep with all of my plushies. They sit between the wall and the edge of my bed (there’s a long towel filling in the space so the plushies don’t fall down).

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    1. C’mon dude, get with the program! Mario’s the chick in the Mario series who always get kidnapped by a goomba named Luigi and some guy named Princess Toadstool has to rescue her. Now, who is Bowser you ask? He’s that sick bastard on a cloud who throw’s spinies at you.

      1. isn’t luigi that koopa. and don’t get me started on yoshi, he’s that dude wih the huge spotted tumor he calls a head

  5. I dodn’t know why Nintendo (or countless other companies, for that matter!) don’t setup an online store to sell merchandise… After all, the general public would be effectively PAYING you to advertise your brand!

    I know if Nintendo had one, I’d gladly buy various things like this…

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  8. I think they will bring it to the west because i have a plush that looks just like it (just without the tanooki suit) but i really want it because ive loved the tanooki suit when it first came out in super mario brothers 3, and just mario in general since i was 4 years old

  9. Markus. Cross (CEO ofMPS) at

    no, marios the dude in green and luigi is that multicolored dinosaur that claims he’s a male yet throws green and white rocks at the poor kid who thinks his red and white tumor is his head with a hat over it. and that dude lakitu is just the retarded inbred turtle with spikes on his shell

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