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Grab The Creator Of Final Fantasy And The Last Story’s Mii Character

Hironobu Sakaguchi , the acclaimed producer behind the Final Fantasy series, and more recently The Last Story, has shared his Mii character online via Twitter. To download Sakaguchi’s Mii character on your Nintendo 3DS you’ll need to select Mii Maker and then select QR Code/Image Option.

Hironobu Sakaguchi Mii Character

36 thoughts on “Grab The Creator Of Final Fantasy And The Last Story’s Mii Character”

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          1. Lots of South Americans here! I’m from Brazil too! I’m from Rio! \o/

            Love Paraguay, way less expensive stuff and very kind people.

            The Last Story will be launched for Wii U too? I thought it was an Wii exclusive. It’s coming for Europe february 24th though. And by that I mean all of us “Latins” will get the game too, if you know what I mean.

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  1. the only ff game i have play is ff4 DS the game was so great it made me feel hungry for rpg’s,i never liked rpg games before it, because they seemed complicated and boring. but since ff4 my hungry for rpg’s has not been satisfied. i can’t find another game like it, and i have given the change to dragon quest IX, bowser’s inside story among others. i lost hope of finding another good rpg.

      1. I’m going to second that. Chrono Trigger is certainly one of the best JRPGs of all time. You can get it for SNES, PS, Wii Virtual Console, or DS. I recommend the DS version though, as it’s the definitive version at this point.

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