Zelda Wii U World Will Change And Be Affected By What You Choose To Do

We are only getting dribs and drabs of information related to the forthcoming Zelda game on the Wii U so whenever we get some new information it’s always exciting. Legendary video game designer Shigeru Miyamoto has spoken briefly about the game and says that as you play, the world will change and be affected by what you choose to do. This news is bound to excite Zelda fans.

One of the main things we wanted to do was go back to the open-world concept of the original “Zelda” games and design with that in mind. That’s really the direction the team is going in. This time, we’ve brought back Link’s horse, Epona, and his bow and arrow, but what we’ve decided is really fun is being able to freely walk around in this world and choose what you want to do and how you want to explore. I can’t talk much about it, but one of the things we’re working on right now is that, as you play, the world will change and be affected by what you choose to do.

Miyamoto Confirms There Will Be Plenty To Do In Zelda Wii U Overworld

Mr Miyamoto has been busy lately catching up with popular YouTubers and answering their questions. iJustine managed to get some Zelda Wii U information from Shigeru Miyamoto who clarified that there will be plenty to do in the game’s overworld. You’ll have so much to do that you’ll forget what your main mission is, though I’m sure you’ll get back on track eventually.

You showed the Zelda trailer and that’s such a huge world. How is that going to be for you guys to approach as far as gameplay and story, because it’s such a huge world.
With Zelda games, what we’ve always done is try to make them where you enter this big world of Hyrule and there’s a lot to explore and discover, but because of the hardware limitations, what we’ve had to do is segment off each area and piece those segments together in a way that make them feel like a big world. Now, with the hardware capabilities of Wii U, we first started by saying if we can take an entire world the size of the world from Twilight Princess, and make that the size of one of the areas in the game.

Do you see that as a game where people will go to complete a certain mission and they end up doing fifty things along the way?
Yeah, there may even be times where you forget what your goal is, because you are doing other things on the side. There may be times where you go in to one big one long dungeon, or you’re headed for a dungeon and doing other things on the side. What we’re trying to do is design it in a way where you don’t have to play it for a super long time, but more matched to today’s lifestyle where you can think for a little bit, and say “maybe I just want to play for a little bit today and do this one thing.” and get that thing done, then take a break.


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One Toys R Us Already Has The Zelda Amiibo’s On Display And For Sale


One of the readers has contacted me to say that his local Toys R Us have already put the Zelda Amiibo figures on display and they’re going through the till just fine. The Toys R Us store is located in the KCMO area in the United States and he says that they’ve got Diddy and Little Mac in the backroom, but not on display. There’s a chance this isn’t an isolated issue so it’s worth checking with your local store.

The Legend of Zelda Wii U Analysis (Video)

Those fine folk over at GameXplain have torn apart the footage of Zelda Wii U which was originally showcased at The Game Awards. As you’d expect there’s been plenty of things to uncover in the video including just how big that map is. If you want a detailed analysis of the Zelda Wii U footage then be sure to watch the video above.

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You Can Dress Link Up As The Postman In The Hyrule Warriors Twilight Princess Pack


Ever wanted to see what Link looks like as the Postman from The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess? Well you can now, thanks to the Hyrule Warriors Twilight Princess DLC Pack. The downloadable content will be released worldwide on November 27th. As you probably already know Midna will be a playable character in the game and you’ll also be able to dress Zelda up as Ilia from Twilight Princess. Also new to the DLC is a new weapon which is called the Dominion Rod and you’ll also get a brand new adventure map.


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Aonuma Confirms Midna Is A Twilight Princess DLC Character In Hyrule Warriors

Eiji Aonuma has confirmed via Miiverse that Midna from The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess will be a playable character in the second DLC pack for Hyrule Warriors which will be released November 27th. Aonuma revealed the news via Miiverse and said that Midna will retain her look from the end of Twilight Princess. Here’s what he said.

“When I was developing Twilight Princess, I thought it was such a waste to let a beautiful princess like her only appear in the ending. Now Koei Tecmo Games has made my wish to see more of her come true. Twili Midna’s weapon is the Mirror of Twilight, which appeared in Twilight Princess. This mirror was destroyed at the end of that game, but it’s pretty amazing in Hyrule Warriors.”

“In fact, I can’t describe in words what’s so amazing about it, so I hope you’ll download this DLC pack and see for yourself. In addition to Twili Midna, the Twilight Princess Pack includes new weapons, costumes and an adventure map, so if you played through the original game, they should contribute to the fun you’ll have in Hyrule Warriors. (For one of the costumes, you can dress Link up as a certain familiar character from the Zelda series. It may make you say “”Wow!”” so I hope you’ll look forward to it.) The second DLC pack for Hyrule Warriors, the Twilight Princess Pack, will be released globally on November 27!”

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Zelda Majora’s Mask 3D Will Change Up The Boss Fights And Also Add Fishing

The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask series producer Eiji Aonuma has revealed in the latest edition of Famitsu magazine that he is planning to switch things up in the remastered version on the Nintendo 3DS.

“We didn’t make the game easier. There aren’t any extra hints thrown at you when you’re not sure what to do, but there are all kinds of other mechanisms in the system that I think you’ll notice.”

“While I can’t say much about it… one thing— a boss fight has been changed. Upon trying a boss fight on the original version for the first time in a while after playing the remake, it’s like, ‘how do I beat this guy again?’ it’s that type of content.”

“You’ll get to fish! Although… it makes you wonder whether you’ll have that free time to fish in the world of Majora’s Mask,” Aonuma say with a laugh. “So we’ve added fishing ponds. Two of them, too. There might be something monstrous you could fish out, so please look forward to it.”

“Exactly. ‘I know that the world is about to end, but here I am fishing. awesome!’ are just some of the feelings you can get from it,” Aonuma replied with a laugh.

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