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Is Gaming Set To Become A Sense Of Deja-Vu?

Nintendo is a company which has one huge burning ambition which is to change the face of the games industry.

As most industry insiders know the gaming industry is currently dying a rather slow death due to the lack of innovation seen from major developers and publishers, who are keen to churn out whats hot at the moment rather than something unique.

It's understandable why they are doing this, but if this keeps up then video gaming is going to become a sense of deja- vu?. A case of; I've seen this all before.

The gaming industry cant get like this. It can though if developers see past those dollar signs in front of their eyes and notice that we are destined to play nothing more than; first person shooters and beat 'em ups. Though the masses may enjoy this thought I would love to play something more.

This is where Nintendo step in with their love for embracing something new and different comes into play. With all it's promises will the company be able to succeed in creating more unique game's, but also make a healthy profit at the same time?.

This is something we are bound to find out all to soon..

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