Ds Lite One Step Closer

ds black.jpg

Finally, today is the day when my quest to own a black Ds Lite edges ever closer.

Today is my chosen day of work, and after speaking to a member of staff yesterday it has been revealed that this week we started taking pre-orders for the handheld system, albeit in small quantities.

As many of you know, when the system launch’s June 23rd the machine will be available in two rather classy colours, either gloss black or sleek white. The white Ds is the machine that predominately took center role when it came to advertising the machine, as it’s the center piece for showing just how attractive the Ds lite appears, compared to its older brother the Ds ‘Phat’.

For the UK that’s all set to change, as we are going to be able to get out paws on the rather mysterious and sleek black Ds which to be honest looks like a little gem, worthy of a million dollars. Ha, as you can tell I’m rather excited about the prospect of owning one of these little beauty’s.

And in exactly half an hour I will be on the pre-order list, as work beckons right… about… now.



  1. I want a black Lite so bad, but the aesthetics don’t warrant a purchase. I may pick one up after I get my Wii though.

  2. The black Ds Lite does indeed look fantastic.

    Though we had a dummie unit of a white Ds Lite which looked equally as awesome.

    We are currently doing a promotion at work whereas you trade in your old DS you get a Ds Lite for £59.99. Which combined with staff discount is a winner.

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