Nintendo Vs Sony: The Battle For Supremacy


November 2006 is going to be a historic month in video gaming.

Two of the industry’s biggest rivals are set to give consumers their next step into the new generation of gaming.

One of these companies’s relies solely on a brand name and graphical prowess, and a new device named blue-ray. The other is also reliant on its company’s past successes as a recognized brand, but at the same time wishes to bring a new control method into the foray, a control method that has been touted by many to revolutionize how we play games.

Both company’s have very different price points which applies that both are aiming for slightly different markets. The first company mentioned looks as if its aiming for the high definition generation, the type of gamer who wants crystal clear graphics that have the power to deliver realism about it’s games. The later company isn’t so concerned about this demographic. Of course it would like these people to enter its playing field, but what this company is truly aiming for is converting non-gamers into gamers.

The company has asked itself the question: How much further can we go with just producing machines that spew out a larger amount of polygons than the previous machine we produced? The company has realized this method isn’t bringing new gamers into the fold, its just making current gamers’ content. This the company realized, just isn’t enough anymore.

Which of these machines the mass market will flock to is anyone’s guess? Will it want the machine that is powered by a new processor dubbed Cell, which the company says is 35 times faster than the chip inside it’s current console, capable of displaying graphics that weren’t considered possible 6 years ago, which comes at a price tag of £425. Or will the market choose to experience something different and unique, something that doesn’t depend on processing power alone to pack its punch, which comes in at a wallet friendly price point of £120-£150.

This November will hopefully bring us those answers.


  1. I especially left out the Xbox 360, as this article was about consoles launching in November.

    *I know the Wii hasnt been confirmed for a November launch, but its commonly thought that’s when the console will be released.

    The Playstation 3 on the otherhand is definitely being released in November, according to Sony.*

  2. The Wii will hopefully gather a large army of non-gamers, while the PS3 will put off potential buyers due to its huge price tag. My reason for hoping this is that the more people play the Wii, the more money Nintendo makes, meaning higher amounts of games and larger budgets on its games. My reason for the PS3 losing a lot of sales due to its’ price tag will mean a huge price cut which will allow more people to experience the console.

  3. ‘My reason for hoping this is that the more people play the Wii, the more money Nintendo makes, meaning higher amounts of games and larger budgets on its games’.

    Exactly, my sentiment entirely.

    I think people will be captivated to the machine once they get the chance to play it. No one could deny the fun aspect of it…

  4. Well, the current retail price of the Playstation 3 console is around $699/$799 and thus very expensive compared to the Wii (retail $250) or even Xbox360. The Ebay prices for the PS3 were a staggering $1000+ at the beginning but dropped now to $700-$800 which still might have been too much for many parents for Christmas.

    In my opinion Sony might have been a little too greedy this time but admitted, the picture quality is just brilliant and the specs are with a BluRay and HD Drive on newest standard.

    If Sony drops the price a little in 2007 the PS3 might become more popular than now where Nintendo’s Wii leads the way.

    Let’s see what next year brings! :-)

    Best wishes

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