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UK Price For Wii Inline With USA And Japan


Yesterday news spread like wildfire as Nintendo's Yoshihiro Mori, Nintendo's senior managing director went on record and announced that Nintendo would be selling its forthcomming Wii console at 25,000 yen which roughly equates to $220.

Thankfully today a Nintendo UK spokesperson confirmed to the online publication that the Wii system will sell for around the same price as both Japan and America when the system is expected to launch over here in Novemeber. Though sadly it looks like the console may cost slightly more for UK gamers with VAT coming into the eqation, which should mean a price point of around £150 is more than likely.

Everyday it appears that Nintendo is getting one step closer in its goal to entice the mainstream auidence with its product, and with this price point I can personally see them being more than successful.


13 thoughts on “UK Price For Wii Inline With USA And Japan”

  1. Your obviously very enthusastic for the console :)

    But you have to agree £120 – £150 is a great price point for Nintendo to enter the next generation market at.

  2. I wouldnt say the Gamecube sucked.

    Sure it didnt have much third party support, but the majority of the first, and second party games that came out for the system were good.

    Even if you think Nintendo’s last home console sucked you cant exactly say that £120-£150 isnt a good price for consumers for a console launch.

    Considering the Xbox 360 Premium is £279.99, and the Playstation 3 full system will set gamers back £425.00….

  3. WHOEVER SAID THE GAMECUBE SUCKED HAS A SERIOS PROBLEM! Firstly what about windwaker? do u say that sucked? and if you havent played it then u have 2 serious problems….

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