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Will 6 Million People Have a Wii?


Well Nintendo certainly think so.

According to Reuters Nintendo’s annual profits are currently down, the reason is being blamed on the lack of sales of both the Gamecube, and Nintendo’s other handheld gaming device the Gameboy Advance.

The company’s profits appear to have dropped around 19%, but as expected the company expects itself to fully recover due to the phenomenal worldwide success of its DS console, with which the America’s and Europe are both soon to receive the smaller, more compact version of the system named the Ds Lite. The company also has its forthcoming next generation gaming machine the Wii on the way around November time, which is expected to revolutionize the way people play games.

Its almost looking certain that Nintendo’s financial profits this time next year will be through the roof. If the company continue’s to please gamers the way it is currently doing, then it shouldnt be any problem at all to shift 6 million Wii’s by March 2007.


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