Nintendo Wii: Guitar Hero 3 Coming To Nintendo Wii


You may want to brush up on perfecting your air-guitar skills as Guitar Hero 3 is coming to the Nintendo Wii this fall.

This monstrous piece of news comes direct from Red Octanes customer support website, which clearly states that the godly guitar game is Wii bound (amongst other formats) later this year.



  1. yeah so i heard but that should mean that the Guitar hero II is coming soon as promised? that would be kick ass!!! i never played it but look forward to doing so. hmmm… a Gun Controller and guitar controller would look nice in my room… :D

  2. I can’t tell you how happy I am to hear this amazing news. We played Guitar Hero on 360 for hours the other night and had a blast

  3. PRetty old news to be honest :/

    The rumours been doing the rounds for a while now, but an official confirmation from Harmonix wasn’t announced until now.

  4. ive played guitar hero for ps2 and 360 but as soon as i heard about it coming out for the wii i scrath the idea of buying a new ps2 and gh2 and decided to wait for the wii version.[ps2 broke when i was 9]also i heard gh is coming out on wii.[by the way im on my wii typing this]

  5. sorry for db post but i honestly am a little drunk but i meant to say i heard its coming out on wii in june well gh2 anyways

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