Nintendo Ds: Sales For The Nintendo Ds Spiral Out Of Control


The Ds Lite has been selling at an astonishing rate, so astonishing infact that current sales are looking to surpass those of Sony’s premier selling console; PlayStation 2.

Recent statistics reveal that in excess of 23 million Ds Lite units have been sold to entranced consumers, and that’s just within the year ending March 31st alone…



  1. Wooah, that’s a hell of a lot of money made.
    Oh yeah, and Chris Scullion sent me his new Mii with added facial hair. It’s in your plaza now.

  2. couldn’t expect less… i always knew it was gonna be a hit. Nintendo are smart and always think ahead. PSP wouldn’t work cause the handheld market is used to Nintendo’s products and on the DS they have everything a handheld gamer ever wanted. thats excellent news to hear!

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