Nintendo Wii: Joytech Sharp Shooter Blasts Onto Wii!


Reliable peripheral manufacturer, Joytech, has revealed its own unquestionable competitor to Nintendo’s own official light-gun.

The Joytech branded light-gun which has been conveniently patented the ‘Sharp Shooter‘, is just infact a piece of plastic holding. The super cool thing about it though is that it makes effective use of the ‘Wii-mote’ and the ‘Nunchuck’ to form one majestic looking gun.



  1. it looks cool, but I wonder where the practical application of this device is. It wouldn’t be the same as a light gun surely. Can you think of any games that are out right now or that will come out that would be fun to play with the device?

  2. just one word: SEXY i would love to use that… anyone remember the gun on SNES?? maddest stuff!!

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