Nintendo Wii: Resident Evil 4 100% Confirmed For Nintendo Wii


As I’m sure the majority of you are aware, it’s been confirmed by Capcom Japan that a revised edition of Resident Evil 4 is set to terrify gamers once again, this time with added Wii-mote functionality.

Whilst the vast majority of you will have experienced the exemplary Zombie title on the Gamecube, the added bonus content taken directly from the PlayStation 2 version, and the life-affirming chance to annihilate some zombies with the Wii-mote is just far too good an opportunity for you to pass up on.



  1. yeah and apparently the Blaster thing is coming at the same time. then after that UC will come. i would definatly buy it even though i have the GC version, the controls look awesome plus there’s extra content!! :D

  2. I was actually going to buy the GC version since I missed out on it. But I might as well get this one :)
    And also its good to see more adult orintated games making it onto the Wii

  3. I’m thrilled with the news, firstly due to it being a fantastic game, and secondly I never actually got around to completing the GC version. Obviously this is a excellent chance for me to get acquainted with the game again, but with extra cool (and hopefully) intuitive controls. Like Jay said it’s excellent that more additions to adult franchises are being added to the Wii, let’s hope this continues :)

  4. yeah its good to see that more and more companies are coming to the Wii. lets just hope RE5 comes to the Wii, or that Umbrella Chronicles version is a Blast! hopefuly it will… have you guys seen the Screens and images of Umbrella Chronicles??? it looks amazing!!!

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