Nintendo Ds: Pokemon Diamond and Pearl Pre-Orders Exceed Expectation


Fevered excitement is brewing around the imminent release of the next instalment of the immensely popular Pokemon franchise; Diamond and Pearl.

Pre-orders for the sensational title(s) have exceeded one and a half million copies, with Nintendo advising all gamers acquainted with the franchise to brace themselves for the next wave of so-called ‘Poke-mania!’



  1. I was one of those 1,500,000! Hopefully it won’t take too long to ship to the UK. Some places take months.

  2. i expect it to sell out completely for a big while. i mean ok, its anoth Pokemon game, but wireless trading, battling, trades with GBA through the same DS console, imagine how many competitions there will be around this game. excellent news lets hope it gets here soon!!!!

  3. MovieTyme have dispatched my order, hooray!
    (oh, and it’s half a million copies, not 1.5 million)

  4. Ты че бредиш? Какой кризис=) Нас это не каснется это там пендосы в своей америке пусть переживают. А интернет он независим от окружающего мира. Только вот будет ли а нас бапки чтоб его оплачивать вот другой вопрос))))

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