Nintendo Wii: Hitler Not Welcome In Mario Kart Wii

hitler mii

In a unprecedented move Nintendo have decided that they’re banning any Mii’s named Hitler from their Wi-Fi service.

Anyone who connects to the Nintendo Wifi service with a Mii named Hitler will receive the following message ‘You cannot access Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection using this Mii name. Please change your Mii name and try again’.



  1. So I guess it is only looking for the name and not seeing if the Mii resembles Hitler. So, just change the name to Adolph.

    I wonder if Stalin, Mao and Pol Pot are allowed on Mario kart?

  2. Yes, I believe they’re only disallowing Mii’s that are named Hitler. As the original article says it’s rather unfortunate predicament if Hitler happens to be your real name :D

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