Nintendo Wii: Wii Fit Endurance Nightmare

A shocking 64% of Japanese gamers who snapped up Wii Fit in a frenzied fashion upon release haven’t returned to the game a new survey reveals.

The survey results unveil the following information:

  • 22% – Record their progress faithfully everyday
  • 6% – Play maybe once every two or three days
  • 6% – Play once a week
  • 64% – Stopped using after purchase



  1. They are either waiting for some new games to come out that use it, or most of them bought into the hype and simply got bored with it soon after. One would think that only those trying to lose weight or develop an exercise regimen would keep going with it. It is a niche, I’m not surprised by those numbers.

  2. It seems that many got bowled over by the hype as you suggested. However, I’m yet to play the game so I can’t comment on the longevity of it. Thankfully there’s more games in the pipeline which will take advantage of the board peripheral. All good I guess.

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