Nintendo Wii: Konami Bringing Gameboy Title To WiiWare


Konami is hard at work bringing a WiiWare version of Castlevania the Adventure which was originally for the Nintendo Gameboy.

The game has already been rated and verified by the ESRB and has subsequently been given a teen rating. It’ll certainly be interesting to see how this game finally translates to Nintendo WiiWare.



  1. This is brilliant hopefully we can see more gameboy and GBC games in the future. Links awakening would be a nice one =D

  2. no where in this does it say its a gameboy or gameboy color game. It says “wiiware” which would imply its a remake of the original.

      1. Yes I can see that. But everyone is acting as if its a virtual console port when it fact it clearly says “WiiWare version”

  3. I think all the wiiware port will do is update the graphics to colour and maybe add a bonus section too (as they do with ports to the DS and even GBA before that)

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