Nintendo: No Big New Gaming Announcements For This Year


Nintendo have no more special gaming announcements to make this year, according to Denise Kaigler.

Nintendo of America’s vice president of corporate affairs, Denise Kaigler, doesn’t believe Nintendo need to host a North American Media Summit as consumers are well aware of what Nintendo has to offer gamers this year.



  1. Hmm well their are already good games that are coming out but I believe they have lots of secret projects going on we don’t need to hear about till probabaly next year. Can’t wait.

  2. Nintendo has either 1) A surprise announcement and is trying to make it look the latter or 2) has released everything during E3, and now look stupid to the consumers. XD

  3. well thats no surprise. 09 is almost over. for those of you who keep saying that nintendo didnt have a good year, you are dead wrong. ps3, 360 and wii all had great games out this year @cjasko94 did you not hear the news of zelda coming in 2010??? and if you cant afford a $250 system then you need to get a job.

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