Nintendo Wii: Wii Sales Decline Dramatically In Last Five Months


Nintendo Wii sales have noticeably dwindled by as much as 50% in the last five months.

Michael Pachter, games industry analyst at Wedbush Morgan, is calling for Nintendo to drop the recommended retail price of the Nintendo Wii in response to news that sales of the console have dwindled by 50% these past five months.

“With the core PS3 and Xbox 360 models priced only $50 higher than the Wii, we expect year-over-year sales of Wii hardware to continue their annual declines until the company either changes its bundle or lowers price”.”Wii unit sales are 50% below last year’s level over the last five months, and we think that September sales will repeat the pattern.”

– Michael Pachter, Wedbush Morgan



  1. I disagree with Pachter. It’s not the price of the Wii that’s the problem, but its intended audience, and how it’s perceived, esp in regards to its current software library.

  2. I think the sales of wii are going down becuase everyone has one or most people have them on their homes and maybe that’s why it’s going Down, and also it’s could be that school/college is now in session. Remember books and supplies cost money

  3. I think that they should lower the price, and stop letting crappy developers make crappy games. They need more games like The Conduit, Call of Duty, Legend of Zelda, instead of crap. If Nintendo stepped up their game they would become so unstoppable, they could take Sony and Microsoft out of the video game wars.

    1. they could never take sony out the game if wii was to win on that level it would lead to a video game crash noone will play anymore.

      1. Wii needs not worry about Sony, but focus on Xbox. MW2 has sold over 6 million copies on it, and it’s the most played console online by far. 23 million gold members (50 bucks a year) Everyone owns at least 8 games for it (attach rate) and everyone buys DLC for it

  4. There are three reasons why Nintendo Wii sales are down:

    1. Lack of price cut. This will hurt Wii sales even more unless Nintendo does do a price cut.

    2. Lack of optional bundle. Wii Sport is the only bundle game for the Wii, it’s about time Nintendo make another bundle, preferably with New Super Mario Bros. Wii or Super Mario Galaxy. There should be five bundles:

    1. Wii/Super Mario Galaxy bundle. Comes bundle with two Wii remotes and one Nunchuck.
    2. Wii/Wii Sport Resort bundle. Comes bundle with two Wii Remote controllers, two Wii MotionPlus accessory, and two Nunchuck.
    3. Wii/New Super Mario Bros. Wii bundle. Comes bundle with two Wii Remote and one Nunchuck.
    4. Wii/Mario Kart Wii bundle. Comes bundle with two Wii Remotes, one Nunchuck, and a Wii Wheel.
    5. Wii/Wii Sports bundle. Comes bundle with two Wii Remotes, two Nunchucks, a Classic Controller, and a seperate Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection manual. The Nintendo Wi-Fi manual discuss it’s features and how to connect to the Internet.

    Sounds good enough, doesn’t it?

    3. The PS3 Slim: With all the hype surround the Playstation 3 Slim, the Wii has been impacted negitively. I’m sure this will fix itself soon enough, so this is no major threats.

    However, they do need to fix the first two problems if Nintendo do wish to win the console war.

  5. I think the games is the main problem, they should have games like Halo and that kind of stuff, it was a big deal that they get Rock band, but the can do better, I love Nintendo!

  6. @steven i totally agree with you! Especially the graphics on some of those bad games! God they make me cringe!

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