Nintendo Wii: New Wii And Controller By 2011?


Square Enix CEO, Yoichi Wada, expects Nintendo to release its natural successor to the Wii in 2011.

Yoichi Wada recently sat down with the Financial Times to discuss the current state of gaming consoles. His overall opinion was that Nintendo will release a new console in 2011 to bring it more in-line with both the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.



    1. yeah they’ve only been around 90 odd years, they’re bound to fail eventually (note sarcasm)

      I have all 3 consoles and my friends (male and female) are always over and wii gets the most time

  1. Figures… The Wii was still progressing in its upgrades and such. I’ts still to early for a new console. The should just make an atachment to the Wii.

  2. I love nintendo and has always been a fan. Me and my family love playing wii and has actually been more together. Well I hope they update the friend codes ons wii system and just the HD and movie services they add will be fine with me, so I can’t wait what Nintendo will bring!

  3. I don’t see nintendo adding movie services, why would they.
    They make GAME machines.
    When PSone played cds. N64 did not
    When PS2 played cds and dvds. GC did not
    When PS3 plays Blu Ray (and whatever else it does). Wii did not

    The next Nintendo console will not be Wii2 or WiiHD. It will be new and unique. And my bet is it will not be a media centre that does everything. It will just play games, and it will do it well.

    1. I actually just need a nice console. I have a Wii, and i am very satisfied to it. I don’t need even full HD graphics, the wii’s HD yet wows me.

      Wii just released, why do an upgrade now?

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