Nintendo DS: Nintendo Considering 3G For Next DS?


In a recent interview with the Financial Times Nintendo are currently considering adding free 3G to the next DS.

With the iPhone currently dominating the handset market, giving its plethora of users access to 3G Internet wherever they go, Nintendo’s current wireless access for the DS seems a little draconian. Nintendo is therefore considering adding an extra up front charge to their next iteration of the DS, in exchange for free lifetime 3G access.

“Only people who can pay thousands of yen a month [in mobile phone subscriptions] can be iPhone customers. That doesn’t fit Nintendo customers because we make amusement products. In reality, if we did this it would increase the cost of the hardware, and customers would complain about Nintendo putting prices up, but it is one option for the future.”




    1. Agreed games are #1 priority everything else is secondary.
      I personally wouldn’t like a 3G modem in a DS unless 3G quality becomes the norm in most markets and if it was paid by nintendo points or something

    2. Well I think it would be very good if they improved the Internet on the dsi becuse it has no flash player I can’t get into my email and it’s slow.So 3g would be good for it I would not mind if they made a phone/ds.

  1. I’m getting mad at Nintendo for releasing crap systems. Since the gamecube there has not been one Nintendo system with better graphics and hardware than its competitors. Socialization in gaming is great, but when the graphics suck, a little camera and a touch screen don’t help! >:( I’m a Nintendo fan but soon I might not be one.

    1. Graphics aren’t everything. Nintendo hasn’t been known for being graphically ahead either, so idk what you’re complaining about

      1. Graphics are not everything yeah yeah yeah, but could Nintendo at least come to par?

  2. I feel as though Nintendo may be focusing on the wrong things. 3G sounds good but, it feels unnecessary to me. It almost seems like Nintendo feels they need to play “catch-up” with other companies, even though they did above and beyond with the concept for the Wii, they don’t seem to be making it their main focus, which may explain the lack of some newer titles that I actually want to buy for the system.

    Also, I do recall the small debate about the iPhone being more powerful than the Wii. D’you think Nintendo’s actually trying to put up a fight with Apple now?

    But i dunno… these are just theories. I’ll keep waiting for the next installment of Zelda.

  3. ARE you people STUPID? NO mention at ALL of a CELL PHONE, NONE! There would be so much more needed, than just 3G, like GSM or CDMA etc, Theyre talking about 3G anywhere access to the internet, not just wifi. OH and btw, that’s a good thing.

    1. HAHA I was thinking the same! They are talking about 3G Internet people!!!! HELLO?!!! FASTER INTERNET??! NOT CELL PHONES!

      why bother? We live in a generation full of dumb Americans who dont know how to comprehend what they are reading.

    2. Hey don’t go crazy over a phone there not stupid what if some pepole don’t want a phone and would not care but come on it’s a gameing consle.

  4. hmm, I agree with most of you.
    It does seem that they have the wrong idea right now.
    Sure 3g would be cool, but its not important really.. I would have other things to use 3g on. I would like games on my DS please, =P

    I do hope nintendo does something new and cool with the next future WIi 2… just, a different name? and, something special, idk what, but, anybody would agree, haha.

    1. Nintendo recently revealed in a press conference that the next Wii will be called the Wii-Ner. jkjk, I hope its something a little more cool sounding.

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