Nintendo Wii: Netflix Being Tested For Nintendo Wii


Netflix are currently testing out the streaming media service on Nintendo Wii according to an industry source.

StreamingMedias Dan Rayburn has stated in a recent blog post that he’s received numerous photos from an individual working on the Netflix project for the Nintendo Wii. He also claims that Nintendo are set to delay the service until early next year in an effort to showcase the service on the often talked about Wii HD.

“What I’m hearing is that Nintendo originally planned to bring the Netflix service to the Wii before the end of this year, which still might take place, but that Nintendo is also considering holding off on the Netflix service until they release their next generation Wii HD unit in early 2010.”

– Dan Rayburn



  1. I really doubt that Nintendo would release an new console in 2010 without even an E3 announcing it.

  2. Hmm…if Netflix comes to the wii, they will gain a new subscriber. I would make a Netflix account if it comes to the wii

  3. This is a little insane. I posted this on my blog as well, but why on the Wii? Nintendo did say they don’t want to step in play with charging there customers service fees and such since there audience is casual gamers who just want a fun time.

    Those casual gamers, will deny Netflix. Maybe the adults who own a wii will get it, but since Nintendo’s fan base is mostly children those kids may not ever know about this service.

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  4. If Nintendo releases a Wii HD I probably will not being buying it. The present Wii’s disappointing lack of quality software being the main reason.

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