Nintendo Wii: Miyamoto Talks Wii MotionPlus For Zelda Wii


The next iteration of the Zelda franchise for the Nintendo Wii will fully utilise the Wii MotionPlus peripheral according to legendary games designer, Shigeru Miyamoto.

“About MotionPlus. We’re implementing it so that players can feel like they themselves are holding the sword. In the previous Zelda (Twilight Princess) the targeting was based on the IR pointer. This time however, we’ll be using MotionPlus for a variety of more convenient targeting systems that will allow for more pleasant gameplay.”

– Shigeru Miyamoto



  1. M64M ———– 1
    Everyone Else — Nil

    =D Predicted this right after Twilight Princess came out. Now we just need my second prediction to come through.

  2. I thought they already confirmed it, but oh wells :)

    If it’s only being announce properly now, i’d say a late-mid 2010 release. Or something close to that.

  3. Thats good that all this is starting to come together. I allready got my Motion Plus so I’m set. Looking forward to seeing this game unfold slowly.

  4. I’ll have to buy a motion plus. Would be nicer to play with the sword more accurately.
    In twilight Princess it is just waggle the wiimote and he slashes in front, not as much fun.

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